Hi Geoffrey,

On 11-06-12 at 11:32am, Geoffroy Youri Berret wrote:
> I'd like to join the team to maintain mpd-sima.

Great!  Welcome!

> The package for the last upstream version already received a review 
> from debian-mentors@ and is uploaded to mentors as 0.8.0-2.

Here we do teamwork, not sponsoring.  So no need for you to use that 
service any longer.  Instead (when we've sorted out the practicalities 
so you have write access) use our team Git area at Alioth directly, and 
use this mailinglist for questions regarding the packaging and for 
requests for release by one of us that has upload rights to Debian.

> I did open an account on alioth (under kaliko-guest).
> How should I proceed now ?

Did you read our wiki pages at http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMultimedia?  
There's even a page specifically covering how you join our team ;-)

> I'm upstream author for MPD_sima,

Ohh, I didn't realize that in our previous conversation. :-)

The core idea of MPD_sima is cool - just what I have been dreaming about 
for some time.  My dreams go beyond what MPD_sima does, however, and 
after trying it for 2 days I judged it unsuitable for me as-is. :-/

Hope you might be intrigued by my ideas:

Album mode

I often enjoy music as complete works, respecting the playing order 
originally chosen by the musicians when they composed the album.  Would 
be nice if MPD_sima optionally would add albums rather than single 

Prioritize manual selections

My music collection contains some non-mainstream stuff. Current logic of 
MPD_sima cause it to slowly degenerate into pop music (stuff appearing 
both in top-5 results from last.fm queries and in my collection).  Would 
be nice if MPD_sima would remember last manually selected tune and 
(optionally?) take that into account as guidance, to go in circles 
around that instead of drifting off at random (or, as I claim, not truly 
random but in fact steered by populism).

Musicbrainz support

I've registered[1] all my music at musicbrainz.org.  They recently 
tagged parts of their material with RDFa, allowing it to be semantically 
fetched.  Would be cool if MPD_sima could make use of Musicbrainz IDs 
when available, e.g. to take into account collaborative and/or personal 
ratings of artists, albums and tunes, or maybe choose to favor music 
from same record label.

Offline support

I am involved in the FreedomBox[2] project - about user-friendly, 
decentralized services.  Would be cool if MPD_sima could be used in an 
autonomous mode, independently from centralistic services like last.fm.

I imagine to use Musicbrainz tagging as mentioned above, or other tags 
as well - e.g. the genre which (as I understand it) is commonly gathered 
also with cddb.  Would then (especially with cddb) need a text-fuzzying 
algorithm to treat e.g. "electronic" and "Electronica" as equal.

Another helpful resource might be that Musicbrainz recently released 
parts of their database as Public Domain.  That part could be packaged 
for Debian and used, either directly or setting up a local service that 
could be queried.

I have interest in semantic web and RDF.  Would it be interesting for 
you to try make MPD_sima able to query a local database, if I put 
together one such database service?

[1] http://musicbrainz.org/user/jonass/collections

[2] http://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox

Kind regards,

 - Jonas

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