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> I am quite interested in Picard, and am curious if you have perhaps lost 
> interest in maintaining its packaging for Debian?
> @Sébastien: It doesn't work like that - you cannot hijack a package 
> without the consent of its current maintainer.  But if Adam either 
> agrees, we can maintain it together in the Debian Multimedia Maintainers 
> team as I proposed in September 2010 in this bugreport.  That would IMHO 
> help the package to have more people care for it, compared to the 
> current situation.

Sure, my goal is not to hijack the package nor to minimize the work of
anybody. Note that since I am not a DD nor a DM, I have not the power of
doing so, even if I wanted to. Also note that I have contacted Adam and
asked about his opinion.

My goal was 1) to have a package working for me 2) to share this with
 other intersted users 3) to give my contribution to the maintenance of
 the package.

I am willing to help in any collaborative setup, including, if Adam
agrees, the Debian Multimedia Maintainers team.


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