On 11-06-15 at 02:35pm, Geoffroy Youri Berret wrote:
> An album queue mode is available in MPD_sima since v0.7.0.
> You have to set "queue_mode" option to "album" in the configuration 
> file (not available on command line).

Ah, nice!

> > Prioritize manual selections
> > ----------------------------
> > 
> > My music collection contains some non-mainstream stuff. Current 
> > logic of MPD_sima cause it to slowly degenerate into pop music 
> > (stuff appearing both in top-5 results from last.fm queries and in 
> > my collection).  Would be nice if MPD_sima would remember last 
> > manually selected tune and (optionally?) take that into account as 
> > guidance, to go in circles around that instead of drifting off at 
> > random[…].
> There is actually something approaching available in MPD_sima.
> Users can add to the internal database similarities of their choices 
> thanks to a command line tool. These similarities are used in addition 
> to last.fm similarities, the level of similarities can be used to 
> override last.fm recommendations.
> But well, for now the CLI is quite cryptic and needs some improvements 
> to be more user friendly.

Hmm - I gotta play some with that option, then.  Thanks for the hint!

> > Musicbrainz support
> > -------------------
> > […]
> >
> > Offline support
> > ---------------
> > 
> > I am involved in the FreedomBox[2] project - about user-friendly, 
> > decentralized services.  Would be cool if MPD_sima could be used in an 
> > autonomous mode, independently from centralistic services like last.fm.
> > […]
> It is my concern as well to provide services independent from closed 
> and centralized services like last.fm. I'm expecting libre.fm to 
> provide someday features similar to last.fm.

libre.fm is non-commercial, but still central.

Perhaps my request is quite simple (on your part): Please make last.fm 
URL configurable.

Then for my FreedomBox dreams, I could run a local app translating 
last.fm queries into SPARQL requests or Musicbrainz lookups either 
locally or among friendly FreedomBoxes.

> I'm already working on supporting MusicBrainz ID in MPD_sima, but I 
> can obviously take advantage of these other aspects of MusicBrainz 
> database. I'll try to take time to have a look at it, thanks for 
> pointing it out.


Again - please then make Musicbrainz URL configurable ;-)

> > I have interest in semantic web and RDF.  Would it be interesting 
> > for you to try make MPD_sima able to query a local database, if I 
> > put together one such database service?
> It is quite premature for me now, but I'll get back to you as soon as 
> I have a better idea of what is possible and what I want to push into 
> MPD_sima.

Looking forward to that :-D

> Another approach I'de like to try, maybe implement in MPD_sima, is 
> Music Information Retrieval (aka MIR), using pure signal processing 
> techniques to get a track "profil". These techniques are independent 
> of external database, all needed information is gathered from the 
> sound track itself (the sound signal not meta-data).

I don't know MIR, but sounds like the mechanism bahind MusicBrainz IDs.

You might then be interested in Debian package acoustid-fingerprinter - 
part of Acoustid, a project claiming to be a more free alternative to 
Musicbrainz: http://acoustid.org/ .

 - Jonas

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