On 11-06-15 at 07:23pm, Jeremy Salwen wrote:
> Okay fine, You've convinced me.  I've subscribed to the mailing lists, 
> but directed them to a folder I'll check from time to time.
> So,
> 1. I have an alioth account called jeremysalwen-guest
> 2. I've subscribed to the mailing lists
> 3. I'm not scared of Debian bugs
> 4. I'm happy to help anyone when I have the time.

Please request membership of our Alith group at 
https://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-multimedia/ - that provides write 
access to our git repository so you can help work there - when it suits 

> A little about myself:
> My name is Jeremy Salwen, and I like to program audio processing 
> software. When doing audio stuff I mainly write in C, or possibly with 
> a little C++. In particular, I've written a few simple programs and 
> some plugins, but mainly I find myself porting other peoples' software 
> to the LV2 plugin format (which I really like, by the way), As I 
> almost always write software to scratch a particular itch or interest 
> of mine, I like to think that my software would be useful to other 
> people, which is why I started getting involved with packaging my own 
> and other peoples' software for debian.  I use git-buildpackage + 
> quilt to make my packages.

Sounds cool.  In some ways you are a much better fit for this list than 

Welcome aboard!

 - Jonas

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