On 06/12/11 22:20, rosea grammostola wrote:

>>>> perl -i -pe 'chomp' \ 
>>>> debian/qjackctl/usr/share/applications/qjackctl.desktop
>>> Gives me a warning:
>>> W: qjackctl: desktop-entry-file-has-crs 
>>> /usr/share/applications/qjackctl.desktop:1
> perl -i -pe 's/\x0D\x0A$ /\n/x' \ 
> debian/qjackctl/usr/share/applications/qjackctl.desktop
> This seems to work.

I now took a slightly different approach and entirely dropped the
build dependency on those tools. Statically fixing the template file
and having quilt take care is the more elegant way.

I've also submitted the patch to upstream, so we can hopefully drop
it upon the next release.

I haven't uploaded the package, yet, just in case Alessio wants to
tweak something else before the next upload.


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