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On Sun, Jun 19, 2011 at 09:05:46 (CEST), Jochen Sprickerhof wrote:

According to the git-buildpackage documentation [1] the upstream- branch
can either be imported or a branch you can pull from. So generating
tarballs from a git and then importing them into git again seems to be superfluous and makes the upstream branch hard to track. But if it works
for you, I'm fine with it.

That's the price of the overhead of team work. As a team, we want to use the same workflow on all packages. Since not all upstreams maintain the
sources in git, we need to come down to the lowest common denominator,
which boils down to importing tarballs.

The other side of it is that the upstream git repos are a mess. The PrimeSense repo is not used for development, and has a quite unusual structure. It looks like to me they are just importing releases and not doing any development out of that git, plus they are using the two branches as separate repos, one called 'master' which is the stable releases, and the other called 'unstable'. As code is pushed to the stable releases, it is not merged from the 'unstable' branch into master.

Then it looks like the avin2 fork is a new reconstruction of the git repo to be more git-like, but then that doesn't follow the original git. But I think if I was avin2, I'd do the same.



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