On Jun 1, 2011, at 6:57 AM, Cosimo Alfarano wrote:

On 31/05/11 03:49, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
Ah, cool, so we have an uploader :) I'm just a DM. I'm not sure about

I'm a DD.

BTW, update to the pkgs status:

I tried yesterday the three repos, they worked.
I just pushed a couple of patches to fix small (but necessary) things.

I just realized that we need to fix the .ini file for Kinect, I had to
change "InputFormat=1" which was commented, to make it work.

Also, udev rules, does anybody know if we need OWNER="root" or it can be
"xxx" as set by upstream?

Next steps:

- Enable Mono in openni so that it can be re-enabled in NITE.
 - the Makefile for NITE & OpenNI relies on the presence of the mono
   exec to compile mono, which means that in a chroot env it compiles
   without problems, but when build outside in an env which has mono
   installed it will fail.

   The reason of the failure is that the upstream install.sh script do
   not detach the build from the (post) installation process.
   As per my mono understanding (noob) we need to compile GAC in
   postinst, while create the DLL at build time. Until we split this
   behaviour (should be easy) we cannot build mono package and both
   openni and NITE are inherently broken.

It would be nice to have the Mono stuff working, but I don't think it should be a blocker on getting the package uploaded. So far, most of the useful stuff I've seen done with openni has not involved Mono/.NET/ C#.

- Re-enable quilt, so that we can patch the Samples to be able to find
 their XML in a different location than "../../../../Data", and
 package it as openni-samples, the same for nite and kinect IIRC.

- Fix all the lintian complaints and the .ini :)

I fixed the man page complaints, tho the man pages I just made could definitely improved a lot.


- Fix the SONAME and .so versioning issue, it depends on the email I
 still have to send to upstream about their build system :)
 So far this is not a real problem, until we'll have more than one
 version we need to be able to link at the same time.

After that we might be able to consider an upload to unstable, IMHO.


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