On 06/19/2011 04:14 PM, rent0n wrote:
On 16/06/11 17:47, Cyril Lavier wrote:
On 06/16/2011 05:47 PM, rent0n wrote:
Hello everyone,

Would anybody be interested in backporting 'audacious' and
'audacious-plugins' from testing to Squeeze?

I don't think Audacious needs any presentation, being one of the most
used and loved music players.
The testing version (2.4,4) brings some very nice improvements and new
features over 2.3. Plus, it also fix some very annoying bugs.




For this purpose, I've added the Debian Multimedia Maintainers list,
maybe somebody will be available to fulfill your request.

Also, there is a 2.5.1 released mid may, and an alpha released few days
ago. Maybe it will make more sense to wait until the 2.5.1 is uploaded
to testing to think about a backport. I also think the packaging team is
focused on including the 3.0 release in testing.



Thanks for cc'ing the Debian Multimedia Maintainers list, I guess there might be some folks interested in backporting Audacious there.

I see your point, waiting for 2.5 could make sense, but in my view 2.4 is already a big improvement over 2.3 and has the advantage of being already in testing, ready to be backported.

So, if anyone's interested, please raise your hand, having 2.4 in Squeeze would be great!



If there is nobody from the Debian Multimedia Maintainers team which is interested. I may fill the void, and try to do some work on the backport.


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