I would prefer to keep $tmpdir as it is, I dont see any reason to change it
to $XDG_CACHE_HOME as this variable is only used internally to smogrify.
Also using /lives would be confusing as there is already a .lives file and
lives-dir which are both created in $HOME. Also the user can select the
location of $tmpdir at install time so it may be outside $HOME.

Regarding the other files:

/tmp/lives-symlinks is only used in the Dynebolic bootable disk.
Effectively this can be ignored, since it is not used in normal operation.

/tmp/.smogrify.* is intended to be used when an external script calls
"smogrify get_tempdir <key>". This may be employed by external scripts to
get the working directory location for LiVES. The token <key> is appended
to the end of the filename so this can be considered secure. The LiVES
application itself never calls this.

Actually I have a TODO there: allow a (optional) second parameter to
override the default directory location (/tmp); so I shall implement this
so that scripts can provide an alternative to /tmp if they wish.

/tmp/.smogval : this is not used, I believe you are again confused by
$tmpdir which as noted points to the working directory (e.g. ~/livestmp).
There IS a minor bug where "/tmp/.smogval*" is removed by a cleanup
operation. This code should be removed as it is no longer relevant.

The above changes are trivial and I will update here as soon as they are
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