On 09/21/2016 12:17 AM, Jaromír Mikeš wrote:
> Hi IOhannes,
> Package split ... no symbols file ... project is C++-library
> Probably some tuning in descriptions is needed.
> Can you overview package now please?


# drumkv1-jack
this seems to be the main binary package.
it used to be called "drumkv1", which now has disappeared.

# drumkv1-dev
this currently *only* provides the .so file, which makes it
not-so-usable as a -dev package.
since there are no headers (/usr/include/) and the final
library-consumers will use to the .so.X.Y.Z libraries anyhow, there is
little use in this package as of now.
either the package should contain headers or go away.

# drumkv1-lv2
contains both the libdrumkv1.so library and the lv2 plugins.
the second i understand, but why is libdrumkv1.so in this package?

i would suggest:
- drumkv1: main binary package providing the application
- libdrumkv1-0: contains the lib /usr/lib/${TRIPLET}/libdrumkv1.so.0*
- libdrumkv1-dev: contains /usr/lib/${TRIPLET}/libdrumkv1.so.0 and
- drumkv1-lv2: contains the LV2-plugins (if they are of general interest)

both libdrumkv1 packages *only* make sense if there is a public (and
stable) API.

it seems that all(?) drumkv-header files include the autotools-generated
config.h which i think is a no-go (as it makes the header files kind of
unusable for any other project that uses config.h as an internal header).
imo, this makes the entire libdrumkv1.so pretty useless, and as such
obsoletes the libdrumkv1 packages (and the libs should go into the
drumkv1 package in /usr/lib/drumkv1/libdrumlv1.so*)


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