Hey pkg-multimedia-maintainers,

Looking to Start a new Business?  If yes!

Does your Idea a clone of any famous sites like Airbnb, Uber, Freelancer, 


You Landed with right people to start your business  


All those Clone scripts Source Code is absolutely FREE!!! 


Download Links

Uber Clone - Click here

Airbnb Clone - Click here

Freelancer Clone - Click here

Kickstarter Clone - Click here


You might wonder why we are offering our clone scripts for free! Let me answer 


At Cogzidel, we always believe that building entrepreneurship helps us in 
building value which in turn help us grow together.


Go ahead. Feel free to download & play around the product and help us to build 
a vibrant community.


If you find any bugs and want any new feature or enhancements, you can let us 
know at supp...@cogzidel.com


Do you have any feature requests or enhancements that need to be developed on 
high priority or have a list of bugs that need to be fixed on top priority? No 
worries. We can do that for a nominal fee. Contact us at supp...@cogzidel.com & 
we will help you out.


If you want to contribute to the clone scripts, feel free to contact us at 




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