The annotated tag, debian/3.12.0-1 has been created
        at  794d654bf7285cbeca8ccebabff3239ba57d02d9 (tag)
   tagging  917819a438a9b41d9f4307225db1eb4b45c78a8a (commit)
  replaces  debian/3.11.2-4
 tagged by  Stephane Glondu
        on  Sat Apr 16 18:11:09 2011 +0200

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Debian release 3.12.0-1

Stephane Glondu (47):
      Imported Upstream snapshot 3.12.0~0dev17+10268
      Merge branch '312/upstream' into 312/master
      New upstream snapshot
      New branches for OCaml 3.12 packaging
      Use the freshly compiled ocamlc to check the version
      Add armel to native architectures, update
      Switch source package format to 3.0 (quilt)
      Use dh with overrides
      Bump build-dependency to debhelper
      Update changelog
      Run emacs stuff only if ocaml-mode is being built
      Fix a typo that made ocaml-mode not build properly
      Imported Upstream snapshot 3.12.0~0dev23+10396
      Merge branch '312/upstream' into 312/master
      New upstream SVN snapshot
      Imported Upstream version 3.12.0~beta1
      Merge commit 'upstream/3.12.0.beta1' into 312/master
      New upstream beta release
      Remove ocaml{byte,plugin}info, merged upstream into ocamlobjinfo
      {add,scrape}labels are no longer installed by upstream
      *.cmxs are no longer available everywhere
      Update changelog
      dynlink.cmx* are natdynlink-specific, obviously...
      Install inadvertly removed dumpobj...
      Bump build-dependency to dh-ocaml
      Imported Upstream version 3.12.0~rc1
      Merge commit 'upstream/3.12.0.rc1' into 312/master
      New upstream release candidate, refresh patches
      Fix watch file
      Imported Upstream version 3.12.0
      Merge commit 'upstream/3.12.0' into 312/master
      New upstream release
      Rework versioned dependencies
      Merge 3.11.2-2 changelog entry
      Fix previous merge
      Merge commit 'debian/3.11.2-4' into 312/master
      Add debian/source/local-options
      Refresh patches
      Separate patches in ocaml-source "binary" package
      Add 0008-Embed-bytecode-in-C-object-when-using-custom.patch
      Link libbfd statically
      Merge 312 branches
      Use pkg-config to determine path of X11 library (Closes: #619344)
      Apply some Lintian suggestions
      Update changelog and prepare upload to unstable


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