The following commit has been merged in the master branch:
commit afe80a10663747ac118609cbe4618d33d2aabd78
Author: Stephane Glondu <>
Date:   Sat May 7 15:37:36 2011 +0200

    Remove unused mldonkey-server/fasttrack_problem template suggested by Lintian.

diff --git a/debian/mldonkey-server.templates b/debian/mldonkey-server.templates
index 6226d13..2679156 100644
--- a/debian/mldonkey-server.templates
+++ b/debian/mldonkey-server.templates
@@ -1,19 +1,3 @@
-Template: mldonkey-server/fasttrack_problem
-Type: note
-_Description: Bug #200500
- Previous versions of mldonkey-server suffer from a serious DFSG policy
- violation.
- .
- The plugin for the fasttrack protocol (e.g. used by kazaa) of mldonkey-server
- was made with illegal coding practice. This version fixes the problem by
- removing this plugin from the MLDonkey package. Any fasttrack sources will be
- filtered out of your files.ini.
- .
- Your entire fasttrack upload will disappear with the next restart of the
- mldonkey server.
- .
- See /usr/share/doc/mldonkey-server/README.Debian for more information.
 Template: mldonkey-server/launch_at_startup
 Type: boolean
 Default: false

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