The annotated tag, debian/5.0-1 has been created
        at  93c87cd3e9c07b3aa693ec9220721d5d3b5459ad (tag)
   tagging  bf7c5abc2985444a14f1b2b0a0120e170824e61d (commit)
  replaces  debian/4.6-1
 tagged by  Eric Cooper
        on  Fri May 13 15:37:59 2011 -0400

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Debian release 5.0-1

Eric Cooper (35):
      fix indentation
      deny requests for any non-gz index file, not just bz2 ones
      add file_message convenience function
      download invalid index files unconditionally
      change pdiff success/failure messages from debug to info/error
      cache pdiffs instead of removing them
      simplify compression handling since only gzip is used
      remove unneeded update program
      add $interval configuration parameter
      cache Release files for $interval without contacting remote repository
      update mod_time before renaming temp file
      move stat_file function to Util
      cache "file not found" responses
      whitespace cleanup
      treat i18n/Index files as roots so Translation files get marked
      include process ID in syslog messages
      defer pdiff application to the end of each connection
      simplify code to find Release file
      fix Url.download_file to work with relative pathnames
      add invalid_string_arg convenience function
      clean up pdiff code
      rename Release.valid and Control_file.valid
      Release.valid must be called from cache directory with relative filename
      clean up dir_test
      add log_to_stderr and log_to_syslog functions
      remove unused network.mli file
      use consistent order for "open"
      increment version number
      Merge branch 'upstream'
      remove approx-update
      drop dependency on bzip2
      run approx-gc cronjob at low priority
      update copyright date
      changelog entry for version 5.0-1
      NEWS entry for version 5.0-1


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