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    give some more explanation of the kernel and equivalence

diff --git a/debian/manpages/coinst.1 b/debian/manpages/coinst.1
index 6ac85c7..f21b1ff 100644
--- a/debian/manpages/coinst.1
+++ b/debian/manpages/coinst.1
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
 Coinst \- computes the co-installability kernel of a package repostory
-.B coinst [options] < file
+.B coinst [options]
 .B coinst
@@ -34,11 +34,20 @@ same as far as co-installability of package is concerned. 
This is
 achieved by
 .RS 2
 .IP "\-" 2
-dropping all relations that are not relevant for this purpose
+dropping all relations that are not relevant for this purpose. For instance,
+dependencies that do not lead directly or indirectly to any conflicts are
 .IP "\-" 2
-identifying all packages that behave the same.
+identifying all packages that behave the same. For instance, packages that are
+not in conflict with any other package (even not through dependency chains)
+behave the same since they are co-installable with any other installable
+package, and packages that are not installable at all behave the same
+since they are co-installable with no package.
+A more precise explanation can be found in the original research article
+underlying this tool.
 The kernel
 is typically orders of magnitude smaller than the original repository.
@@ -63,13 +72,13 @@ write the graph to \fIfile\fR instead of
 .B \-all
 include all packages in the coinstallability graph
-.B \-root
-draw only the relevant portion of the graph around this package
+.B \-root \fIp\fR
+draw only the relevant portion of the graph around package \fIp\fR.
 .SS Options controlling the diagnostic output
 .B \-explain
-explain the list of non-installable packages of pairs of not co-installable
+explain the list of non-installable pairs of not co-installable
 .B \-stats
@@ -85,8 +94,6 @@ Coinst has been written by Jérome Vouillôn.  This manpage has 
 compiled by Ralf Treinen from the original coinst documentation.
-.BR dot (1), coinst_viewer (1), coinst_viewer (1)
+.BR dot (1), coinst_viewer (1)

coinst packaging

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