The annotated tag, debian/ has been created
        at  725e89cc43d3ddb53ed276643065ff58659840eb (tag)
   tagging  ff0551785d50d3d3d9b947d7262b50247635e602 (commit)
  replaces  debian/
 tagged by  Laurent Léonard
        on  Mon Apr 16 02:51:19 2012 +0200

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Debian release

Laurent Léonard (8):
      Imported Upstream version
      Merge tag 'upstream/'
      Remove handling of obsolete mlvirsh and gettext support
      Drop redo-patches target from debian/rules
      Add myself as uploader and allow DM upload
      Remove unused patch system
      Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3
      Document changes and release


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