The annotated tag, debian/2.30+dfsg-5 has been updated
        to  a156037b62cf2c2cbebac430071bdb437e630ad0 (tag)
      from  21b447eca5804abbddeba516e8a207a350966b28 (which is now obsolete)
   tagging  6691a9df74ef651ea879bf6046438b589053b09f (commit)
  replaces  debian/2.30+dfsg-4
 tagged by  Mehdi Dogguy
        on  Wed May 16 12:54:48 2012 +0200

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Debian release 2.30+dfsg-5

Mehdi Dogguy (3):
      Mark Coq 8.3pl4 as compatible.
      Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3, no changes required.
      Release to unstable


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