The branch, bug685171 has been created
        at  2e4d2391406cc2124cbe6c43398c44bcef73f151 (commit)

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
commit 2e4d2391406cc2124cbe6c43398c44bcef73f151
Author: Ralf Treinen <>
Date:   Sat Sep 8 14:06:56 2012 +0200

    dropped another instance of is_source (let _name = ...)

commit 90221214c5cdf1e29ac87fe29562541cd0681b33
Author: Ralf Treinen <>
Date:   Sat Sep 8 13:57:48 2012 +0200

    multiarch-patch: drop check of the and is_source, since these
    fields do not exist in the current version of

commit 1d11315573483f98070bebfe4f9c75b811ff8169
Author: Ralf Treinen <>
Date:   Sat Sep 8 13:52:08 2012 +0200

    fix encoding of conflicts in case of multiarch
    a conflict on package p has to apply to p of all possible
    architectures. (closes: #685171). Extracted from the upstream git
    repository (commit 7c30da3d). Thanks to Pietro Abate for having fixed this.


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