The annotated tag, debian/4.00.1_20130426-1 has been created
        at  3fa1680b863814551a301de2dd2b4e1274f1d706 (tag)
   tagging  ec7128c081a77876eac130610a1524692e2ca6c7 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/4.00.1_20130426
 tagged by  Romain Beauxis
        on  Wed Mar 27 09:21:33 2013 -0500

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Debian release 4.00.1~20130426-1

Romain Beauxis (61):
      Initial package..
      Fixed mingw32-specific include
      Fixed mingw32-specific include
      Fixed build-deps
      Moved library files to /usr/leonard/lib/ocaml, as for mingw32-runtime..
      Added ocamlfind support
      Build bigarray with win32 mmap implementation
      Fixed threads lib and other stuff
      Run ranlib on threads static libs
      More fixes..
      Fixed flexlink path
      Added ocaml-findlib in Depends:
      Added m4 to build-dep
      Added campl4 in build-dep
      Fixed or overriden relevant lintian issues
      Added debian/copyright, set package version to something relevant..
      Removed an wrong space in DEB_TAR_SRCDIR in debian/rules
      Added README.Debian
      Symlink manuals for the ocaml cross-compiler binaries to the original 
      Added patch from Jerome Vouillon
      added a patch to display Win32 as the os_type when invoking ocamlc -config
      Added pkg-config case in README.Debian
      Updated to ocaml 3.11.2
      Forgot this one..
      Ship a custom ocamlrun
      Added hurd-i386 kfreebsd-amd64 kfreebsd-i386
      Fixed build-dep on kfreebsd-amd64, removed hurd-i386 from the arch
      Added fixes from Pierre Letouzey
      Added another patch from Pierre Letouze
      Updated package to ocaml 3.12.0+beta1..
      Prepared 3.12.0+debian1
      set distribution to experimental..
      Upload ready!
      Prepared new upload..
      Fixed camlp4 information..
      Added patch fixing fd leak with win32.
      Prepared new upload.
      Fixed lintian warnings.
      Fixed upgrade path from squeeze to wheezy.
      Imported Debian version 3.12.1+debian2
      Fixed upgrade path from squeeze to wheezy.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
      Removed upstream tarballs.
      Initial upstream branch.
      Imported Upstream version 4.00.1+debian1
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.00.1+debian1'
      Updated package.
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.00.1_20130426'
      Updated package.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
      Updated descriptions.
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.00.1_20130426'
      Also cleanup this.
      Merge tag 'upstream/4.00.1_20130426'
      Updated debian/copyright.
      Fixe binary target.
      Revert "Fixe binary target."
      Change binary dir to bindir to avoid makefile issues.
      Fix lintian warnings.
      Fix clean.
      fix typo.


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