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ecc-guest pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/5.4
in repository approx.

        at  6a9d7f8   (tag)
   tagging  ea743af7bd44719f3f9758805028d1e016fc57a5 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/3.5
 tagged by  Eric Cooper
        on  Sun Dec 8 20:43:27 2013 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
approx version 5.4

Eric Cooper (111):
      improve error message when parsing malformed pdiff file
      add syslog_test
      inline small function used only once
      use ocamlmklib to build library with C stubs
      revert to using drop_privileges instead of just check_id
      change approx to run under inetd
      update man pages and sample approx.conf for inetd version
      make all programs depend on all sources
      add Config_file.mem to check for binding
      remove Version module
      clean up some functions in Util module
      shorten cache pathnames in log messages
      use program name when opening syslog
      change approx to use version number from Config module
      add "make tarball" and remove "make release" target in Makefile
      change import to use md5sum
      improve messages from gc and update programs
      correct use of minus sign in approx-import manpage
      fix "make tarball" target
      use program name when opening log
      ignore epoch when comparing versions for importing
      added FAQ file
      support https in URLs
      support udebs
      increment version number to 4.1
      return internal server error instead of forbidden
      deliver files properly in offline mode
      remove unneeded ifaddr test
      print backtrace for uncaught exceptions
      improve control_file module
      move high-level utility functions to program module
      increment version number
      recognize compressed tarballs from 3.0 (quilt) format
      catch correct exception when Release file is missing md5sum section
      use TMPDIR if accessible, otherwise use /tmp
      add explanations for environment variables and openbsd-inetd rate-limiting
      avoid symlinks when traversing directories
      increment version number
      minor cleanup
      provide directory index for cache
      print backtrace for uncaught server exceptions
      handle Not_found exception from find_directory
      support multiple config files and alternate cache location
      support for HEAD requests
      fix duplicate function name
      detect cycles when traversing directory trees
      update defaults in approx.conf
      compress files with the same gzip parameters that dak uses
      increment version number
      add FAQ entry about changing cache location
      support InRelease files (release files with inline signatures)
      remove obsolete example from approx.conf
      code cleanup
      use Not Found instead of Server Error for unknown repository
      improve redirect handling
      use hyperlinks for repository names in top-level index
      increment version number
      fix indentation
      deny requests for any non-gz index file, not just bz2 ones
      add file_message convenience function
      download invalid index files unconditionally
      change pdiff success/failure messages from debug to info/error
      cache pdiffs instead of removing them
      simplify compression handling since only gzip is used
      remove unneeded update program
      add $interval configuration parameter
      cache Release files for $interval without contacting remote repository
      update mod_time before renaming temp file
      move stat_file function to Util
      cache "file not found" responses
      whitespace cleanup
      treat i18n/Index files as roots so Translation files get marked
      include process ID in syslog messages
      defer pdiff application to the end of each connection
      simplify code to find Release file
      fix Url.download_file to work with relative pathnames
      add invalid_string_arg convenience function
      clean up pdiff code
      rename Release.valid and Control_file.valid
      Release.valid must be called from cache directory with relative filename
      clean up dir_test
      add log_to_stderr and log_to_syslog functions
      remove unused network.mli file
      use consistent order for "open"
      increment version number
      build with ocamlnet3
      remove unnecessary check_current_directory function
      document default port number and how to change it
      serve simple robots.txt file
      increment version number
      change default $interval to 60 (closes: #658694)
      handle Sources files with missing Directory fields (closes: #641928)
      increment version number
      check for chunked transfer encoding when closing cache file
      increment version number
      follow redirects for HEAD requests (closes: #695279)
      eliminate Not_found exception in gc (closes: #695639)
      remove unused exports
      use syslog interface from ocamlnet
      avoid conflict with Gc module in stdlib
      include filename in decompress error message
      download index if needed to apply pdiffs
      change from gz to bz2 (closes: #639540, #689444, #705890)
      remove code for denying some index files
      replace deprecated (or) with (||) (closes: #731703)
      link with Str module for ocamlnet
      create tarball using git-archive
      add example xinetd config (closes: #720359)
      add systemd service file (closes: #679991)
      document use of /var/cache/approx/.curlrc file (closes: #719912)
      increment version number

Stephane Glondu (1):
      Fix FTBFS with ocamlnet 3.5.1


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