Short version: nothing to worry about.

Long version: the build on armel is failing because libqt4-opengl is
pulling OpenGL ES for that platform. Therefore at compilation time, GL
and GL ES headers clash with duplicated types and so on. Nevertheless,
from this bug report
(, we can expect
that libqt4-opengl maintainers are switching back to OpenGL in a few
days. When they are ready for the GL ES transition, we can think about
building OSG with GL ES support on armel. CMake parameters for doing so
are found in



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 * Source package: openscenegraph
 * Version: 3.0.0-1
 * Architecture: armel
 * State: failed
 * Suite: sid
 * Builder:
 * Build log:

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uninstallabilities and arch-specific breakages.  A look at the build log
despite this disclaimer would be appreciated however.

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