"Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo" writes:

> On Monday 11 July 2011 13:14:30 Alberto Luaces wrote:
>> Ok, thanks for it!. Meanwhile I'm removing the symbol files I put last
>> week. I'm having issues with them and I don't know yet why. The
>> packaging system is complaining about symbol changes when compiled with
>> different GCC versions. This shouldn't be happening since the are all
>> supposed to be ABI compatible.
> I saw this message in mentors ML, maybe it has to do with the problem, and 
> hints a possible solution:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2011/07/msg00286.html
> Nothing else to comment to the email.

Thank you for the heads up. Things like those made me be a bit careful
and mark the symbols just for the architecture I was building on
(amd64). However, even after name demangling, there are differences. For
example, this difference

@@ -106,6 +108,7 @@
  _ZN12ComputeBound6vertexEffff@Base 3.0.0
  _ZN12ComputeBoundD0Ev@Base 3.0.0
  _ZN12ComputeBoundD1Ev@Base 3.0.0
+ _ZN12ComputeBoundD2Ev@Base 3.0.0
  _ZN16DrawShapeVisitor14drawHalfSphereEjjfNS_10SphereHalfEf@Base 3.0.0
  _ZN16DrawShapeVisitor16drawCylinderBodyEjff@Base 3.0.0
  _ZN16DrawShapeVisitor5applyERKN3osg10ConvexHullE@Base 3.0.0

is still "alive" when demangling:

@@ -106,6 +108,7 @@
  ComputeBound::vertex(float, float, float, float)@Base 3.0.0
  ComputeBound::~ComputeBound()@Base 3.0.0
  ComputeBound::~ComputeBound()@Base 3.0.0
+ ComputeBound::~ComputeBound()@Base 3.0.0
  DrawShapeVisitor::drawHalfSphere(unsigned int, unsigned int, float, 
DrawShapeVisitor::SphereHalf, float)@Base 3.0.0
  DrawShapeVisitor::drawCylinderBody(unsigned int, float, float)@Base 3.0.0
  DrawShapeVisitor::apply(osg::ConvexHull const&)@Base 3.0.0

since I don't yet know so much about those ABI tricks, I think it's
better not to use symbol files at the moment.

> I'll keep an eye on GDAL in the near future, to see if some -revision
>or -
> nmu fixes the libjpeg62 dependency issue, to allow us to build and upload 
> OSG.


> However I am pretty busy and on the move again.  I just accepted a job
> the UK after being unemployed and without real job offers in the area since 
> returning from Cuba in March... so there I go!  If you guys stop by Cambrige 
> in the near future, drop me a line and we'll take an ale together :)

Well, congratulations!

> BTW Alberto, I haven't dropped by Coruña almost for years now, but if
>I do
> before going I'll drop you a line too.  And if you haven't got signatures 
> for your key yet and need help to mediate with DDs please tell me, we'll 
> arrange something.

Yes, I didn't got any in Milan. I'll ping you if I have problems meeting
people here, thanks!



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