2012/1/8 Alberto Luaces <alua...@udc.es>:
> Loic Dachary writes:
>> I can upload, sorry for the lag. I just started a new job and I
>> overlooked your call for action. However, I would be gratefull if you
>> can upload instead of me because that will save me a little time. Just
>> let me know.
> Hey guys,
> thanks a lot for helping me. Manuel, yes it's completely right that you
> sign the release. I should have left the changelog open in the first
> place.

I will do unless I have some problem, in which case I will let you
know.  Otherwise you'll notice by the automatic emails :-)

BTW, maybe it would be a good idea to make the package multi-arch
ready, build-hardened and other goodies of newer debhelper, like very
shortened and high signal-to-noise ratio debian/rules.  I have some
practice with SDL packages, OGRE and others... but maybe you prefer to
investigate this yourselves, for learning how to do it?


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