Hello Alberto,

2012/3/13 Alberto Luaces <alua...@udc.es>:
> Alberto Luaces writes:
>> Hi Manuel,
>> I can do it.  I will have it done today or tomorrow.
> Easily said than done. However I managed to make sure that OSG is immune
> to this transition: the PNG plugin has not received any updates lately,
> and current OSG SVN builds fine with libpng 1.5.
> As far as I have read, the problem came from software that fiddled
> directly with the fields of private structures from the older versions
> of libpng. As those structures were deprecated some time ago, they are
> being removed in the new 1.5 version. However, software that restricted
> its use of libpng to its public API is ok. I think OSG does that, and
> that's why therefore I did not get any compilation error.
> The question is if we should make a release now or wait for libpng 1.5
> to reach unstable. Since libpng-dev is currently only provided by 1.5
> —an experimental-only package—, that would trigger an immediate FTBFS.
> But maybe we are not supposed to take this decision and should behave as
> we didn't knew nothing...

So I don't understand... cannot we just depen on libpng-dev (instead
of libpng12-dev) and upload and that's it?

Rebuilding "gratuitously" (just to introduce cosmetic changes) is not
nice, but libpng is a vastly/widely used package and if we make the
change it will save other devels from having to NMU our package to get
libpng into the archive, so I'm in favor of doing that.  Or am I
missing something?


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