2012/11/21 Alberto Luaces <alua...@udc.es>:
>> Any clue?  Maybe because of the changes of DESTDIR and so on?  There
>> is no "No space left on device" kind of error, but maybe it's because
>> of that (/tmp as tmpfs, and no previous errors for similar
>> files/paths).
> I will investigate; in my build, osgdb_serializers_osgparticle.so
> compiles and it is also present in the resulting .deb.

I will also try to build today in a different machine.

>> Finally, is it needed compat 9 at all, or can the hardening work with
>> previous levels with the current rules file?  As [I think that] I said
>> previously, I am not sure if the change is going to be approved this
>> late into the freeze if it's possible to achieve the same effect with
>> more intrusive changes.  Compat level 9 makes some hardening things
>> automatic, but I think that with the following lines that you used is
>> possible with 8, not sure with compat 7:
>> include /usr/share/dpkg/buildflags.mk
> The debhelper upgrade to level 9 was one of the things I did on summer.
> I don't remember exactly because of lintian or the hardening flags
> addition, but somewhere I read that it was advisable to change it.  Then
> I followed the documentation in order to know how to use the hardening
> flags, and at least at the time, the DPKG_EXPORT_BUILDFLAGS approach was
> suggested.
> I'll get back to you with new information.

I asked release managers in the other e-mail, so if they give the
go-ahead it's better for us.  You can defer/avoid investigating
until/unless they don't want us to use dh level 9.

Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo <manuel.montez...@gmail.com>

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