On 2012-11-20 22:47, Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo wrote:
> Hi,
> (Please CC pkg-osg-devel@ when replying).


> We're preparing a fix for a bug in openscenegraph (see attached file).
> I am not sure if the bug should be considered release critical, but at
> least it's an important drawback for people using pkg-config along
> with the library.

I believe it might be worth fixing this in wheezy.

> There are also some other fixes, including enabling hardened builds.
> The changes are not very intrusive, I think, but we're not very sure
> about dh compat level 7 -> 9.

The debhelper compat change is unacceptable for an unblock.

The rest of the fixes can be included with the pkg-config fix.

> Can you please comment/advise?
> Cheers.

Feel free to upload the fixed version with the debhelper compat
/reverted/.  If you do so, please file an unblock bug once
openscenegraph has been in unstable for a couple of days (and has been
rebuilt on all relevant architectures).


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