2013/6/10 Alberto Luaces <alua...@udc.es>:
> I would like also to know what is the reason for that urgent change.
> I'm having some problems packaging 3.1.7 that would be alleviated by
> waiting for 3.1.8, a release that it is likely to happen in a few weeks.

openscenegraph is the last package, which uses coin60 and prevents coin80
migration into testing (as well as other 5 packages: freecad, pivy,
soqt, visp and vxl).

So, if this NMU is not harmful for you, I would like you to ask to let
it be. Packaging new versions and its uploading can bring additional
problems/bugs. But, of course, you are the maintainer and you should
decide it.

Thank you,


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