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"Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo" writes:

> Hello,
> So that's it, I'm building (and if succesfull, upload) this version,
> after the long delay.

Ooops! I haven't had any time to say that 3.2.0 just had been released
last week.  I promise to have it ready this week :)

> (Remember that, since this is a new upstream version and I created the
> .orig.tar.* myself, you will have to download it from Debian and
> overwrite yours, otherwise it will cause problem for the next
> revisions -- md5sums of .orig.tar.* will not match, most likely).


> We should really make this repository git-buildpackage compatible.
> Maybe it's possible using some options?  But there are better ways
> IMO, using git-impor-dscs to import all recent .dscs (or indeed, all
> .dscs available in snapshot.debian.org), and include the .orig.tar.*
> in the pristine-tar branch.

I have to start looking about that; for sure it looks useful.


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