Alberto Luaces writes:

> Hello,
> "Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo" writes:
>> 2013/7/30 Yaroslav Halchenko <>:
>>> Thanks for the heads up
>>> so -- is it just a matter of binNMU or there was some API breakage?
>> There is the removal of osg::Geometry, as I said in the initial report.
>> This code seems to heavily use this class in many places, so I'm not
>> sure if this alone will be enough, or if it will fail at run time even
>> if it compiles.
> From the release notes,
> you can replace all instances of osg::Geometry to
> deprecated_osg::Geometry to have a quick fix:
> • Clean up of osg::Geometry class removing all deprecated slow path
>   API's resulting in a smaller and faster Geometry class
> • Addition of deprecated_osg namespace and deprecated_osg::Geometry
>   class that provides deprecated BIND_PER_PRIMITIVE and array indices
>   APIs to add with porting

Sorry, I didn't realize that Manuel did already try that and that it is
not working.  In the meantime, I'm going to warn upstream about this


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