Just for your information: although the patch fixes compilation issues, 
OpenWalnut will not work properly with it. There were several semantic changes 
in OSG (in a minor version change...). We are working on a proper fix for that 

The same for boost. They regularly change their API. We adapt our code 
accordingly and upload a new package soon.

Please stay tuned and check out our website regularly.


Alberto Luaces <alua...@udc.es> schrieb am 03.09.2013:

>"Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo" writes:
>> 2013/8/20 Alberto Luaces <alua...@udc.es>:
>>> Manuel,
>>> do you have by chance the patches you used to try to add the
>>> deprecated_osg functionality with 3.2.0~rc1?  I have just packaged
>>> and I wanted to try openwalnut against it before going in more
>> It was a simple substitution, patch attached.  I tried harder with
>> packages than with others, but I wasn't very successful in any case.
>> Patch for openwalnut attached.
>Thanks.  Anyway I came late.  Now openwalnut build does not even reach
>code using OSG because the compilation fails before, as soon as
>uses the new Boost 1.54.  I have to find other program or library to

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