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On 05/16/2014 01:52 PM, Alberto Luaces wrote:
> We are currently debating if we should package 3.2.1 and 3.3.1
> simultaneously, since 3.2.1 is being so late, and in the end, it will
> not bring more stability than any other developer release.

I'm not qualified to judge stability between the two, but using what
upstream calls a development branch doesn't increase my confidence, either.

> However, if most of the packages depending on OSG in Debian build
> without any problems, as you demonstrated with two of them, 

I'd consider it one, as simgear is just a dependency of flightgear. I
think the latter mainly uses osg through simgear.

> I would
> prefer to drop 3.2.1-rc2 altogether and continue with version 3.3.1.

I'm not opposing to that idea, but would also appreciate not having to
go through a transition to fix that RC bug. The autoremoval threat kind
of scares me... :-)


Markus Wanner

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