Markus Wanner writes:

> Alberto,
> [ CC'ing pkg-osg-devel ]
> On 05/16/2014 01:52 PM, Alberto Luaces wrote:
>> We are currently debating if we should package 3.2.1 and 3.3.1
>> simultaneously, since 3.2.1 is being so late, and in the end, it will
>> not bring more stability than any other developer release.
> I'm not qualified to judge stability between the two, but using what
> upstream calls a development branch doesn't increase my confidence, either.

That developer release is not so far away from the stable, as you have
experienced: I assume you didn't have to use any additional patches in
order to build simgear.  Indeed, 3.3.1 already had fixes for some of the
bugs reported for 3.2.1.

Anyway, as you surely have noticed, a new NMU for 3.2.1 was issued, so
that version is going to stay longer among us :)

We plan instead to release 3.3.1 as an experimental version in order to
see how it fits with the reverse dependencies and ease the transition
process, although I am fairly sure that there will be no problems with



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