On Wed, Sep 28, 2016 at 9:34 AM, Alberto Luaces <alua...@udc.es> wrote:
> Andreas Beckmann writes:
>> On 2016-09-27 12:12, bret curtis wrote:
>>> To put it simply, upstream (OpenMW) has no plans to support GLESv2 at
>>> this time. Since OSG-3.4 for armhf is compiled only for GLESv2, this
>>> complicates things drastically and at this point I'm in over my head.
>> IIRC, quite some packages have been removed from arm* over the last year
>> that require Desktop OpenGL and don't work with "just" GLES.
>> I just cannot remember (or find) concrete examples.
>> So openmw is probably another RM candidate.
> I agree with that.  As far as I know, Desktop OpenGL is not usually
> hardware-accelerated on those SOC platforms, so having OpenMW available
> there would be a moot point.
> Regards,
> Alberto

An update:

As it turns out, OpenMW uses its own osgQt and not the one that OSG
ships. This is only required for building OpenMW-CS
(editor/construction set) which normally is not something you would
want to run on armhf (SoCs in general). We can disable this for armhf

To be fair, I'm able to compile and run OpenMW on Raspberry Pi 2
(Raspbian) using Desktop OpenGL, 1080p @ ~30fps. To dismiss "Desktop
OpenGL" on armhf, for me, not a very good idea.

I managed to get OpenMW to compile on armhf using the following patch
that I asked upstream to review:

This patch manually pulls in #include <GLES/gl.h> from
libgles1-mesa-dev. Boom, works. However Scrawl (upstream) says that
adding libgles1-mesa-dev for OSG-3.4 and allowing OSG-3.4 to build
with that flag turned on (currently only GLESv2 is turned on), that
OSG should take care of adding #include <GLES/gl.h> for us that would
actually fix all our problems from the OpenMW perspective.

@Alberto and @Graham: Is it possible that you can add
libgles1-mesa-dev [armhf] to the list of packages on OSG-3.4 and set

Another question, in OpenMW's control file, how can get the openmw-cs
package to build on all archs except for armhf?  Does `Architecture:
any [!armhf]` work? Or do I have to list all the archs?


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