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- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.1.
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Scott Crosby (35):
      Protobufs and common Java code for binary format.
      Support new-format dense nodes that can contain keys and values.
      Excise references to now-obsolete Nodes
      Revert "Excise references to now-obsolete Nodes"
      Remove unused imports.
      Make the granularity state protected instead of private.
      Include new 'denseinfo' fields.
      Clean up protocolbuffer definitions and document them.
      Be a bit more careful with error handling and printing warning messages.
      Don't sort the first 127 entries in the string table.
      Change API for invoking per-type primitivegroup serializers.
      Strip off all non-osmosis metadata.
      Document more of the API for BinaryParser.
      Whitespace and comment tweaks to protobuf.
      Add in more error detection.
      Allow bigger blocks before erroring out, and comment the bounds.
      Warn about files too big that they may cause failures.
      Allow timestamps to be 64 bit.
      Obsolete the Changeset Message.
      Put the protobufs into a package.
      For uncompressed data, store the uncompressed size.
      Rremove the tag number for the proposed, but disabled, BBox extension.
      Depreciate lzma and bzip2 compressed blocks.
      Leave the LZMA support enabled, so that existing implementations will 
      Set the default date to be Jan 1 1970, not the current date.
      Remove dead code that causes a warning.
      Make a duplicate class OSMHeaderBlock that contains the same header data. 
Deprecate the old HeaderBlock.
      Code for building a test file.
      Define NODATE as Date(-1), or a date before 1970.
      Remap how we handle compression.
      Change output when dumping granularity.
      Revert "Make a duplicate class OSMHeaderBlock that contains the same 
header data. Deprecate the old HeaderBlock."
      Rename BlockHeader to BlobHeader
      Add in LGPL copyright notices to the osmpbf library.


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