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   tagging  33741660280f679530500e11687c4f66466d3b0d (commit)
  replaces  v0.5
 tagged by  Vladimir Agafonkin
        on  Tue Jun 25 20:28:16 2013 -0400

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Version 0.6

Adam Stull (1):
      Allow pointer-events to be set via options passed to shape

Alexander Dimitrov (1):
      Add tile bounds option to limit tile loading to a given region

Alexander frenzel (1):
      fix enable/disable of marker dragging

Andrew Kirkegaard (3):
      hasLayer and removeLayer by id.
      getLayer by id.
      removeLayer by id for FeatureGroups.

Andrey Chizh (2):
      Update deps.js
      Update deps.js

Andrii Korzh (2):
      Check object when LatLngBounds extend
      Update LatLngBoundsSpec.js

Ansis Brammanis (1):
      dblclicking now zooms around mouse, not centre

Brian Hatchl (1):
      fixed bug where wms tilesize option was ignored when setting

Calvin Metcalf (6):
      overlay events
      rename events
      ie7 fix
      we want it reletive not from the base
      only mention the path, and ternery
      enable coffeescript classes

Christian Schwarz (1):
      Fixed zoom out on Windows 8 with Firefox

Daan Mortier (2):
      Issue #1631: Fixed a bug on removeEventListener
      Updated patch for issue #1631 based on feedback

Dave Leaver (3):
      Merge pull request #1396 from danzel/oldie-fixes
      Merge pull request #1424 from tmcw/use-tobe
      Mention why aria-haspopup is required in the layers control

Eldar Djafarov (10):
      testacular port
      enable testacular runner
      fix code style
      Make getFiles more consistent
      use global deps file instead of ustom list
      Fix debug html pages after #1326
      travisci integration
      test coverage initial commit
      use master testacular only if --cov
      Fix: SpecHelper should be first

Jan Pieter Waagmeester (1):
      TileLayer.Canvas.redraw() now returns this.

John Firebaugh (45):
      2 space indents -> tabs
      Enable cleaner overriding of TileLayer#getTileUrl
      Omit "should" in spec descriptions
      Add Map#remove
      Force touch support off for PhantomJS
      Fix .leaflet-bar style for a single button bar
      Remove margin override for .leaflet-control-zoom
      Fire an unload event on removal
      Use devDependencies
      Fix whitespace
      Add Map#eachLayer (fixes #1457)
      Normalize polygon holes (fixes #1459)
      testacular -> karma
      Update mocha.js
      Manage mocha dependency with npm; update to 1.9.0
      Update specs for mocha
      Add #toGeoJSON to various layer types (#712)
      Convert to expect.js assertions
      Compatibility with browserify
      Add prepublish script to package.json
      Permit layer stamping to be overridden
      Add .npmignore
      Bounds-check array access in Polygon#initialize
      Popup-specific closeOnClick option
      Set correct initial zIndex on tile layer divs
      Merge pull request #1684 from scooterw/1670
      Fix indentation
      Don't call Layer#onRemove if Layer#onAdd was never called
      Don't call Layer#onAdd on a layer that has been removed
      Don't fire layerremove if layeradd was never fired
      Fix trailing whitespace
      Remove webkit workaround that is no longer necessary
      Don't overwrite layer.feature.geometry
      Normalize all toGeoJSON output to Features
      Fix test
      Avoid error if transform happens to be 'none'
      Remove preventDefault and mousedown workaround
      Continue to preventDefault on touch
      Suppress text selection behavior during drag
      Add iframe debug html
      Refine existing methods for disabling text selection
      Also disable user-drag/prevent dragstart events
      Remove preventDefault from BoxZoom too
      Use "wheel" event where supported (#1788)
      Merge pull request #1789 from Leaflet/wheel

Joschka (1):
      Fix viewport offset calculation in Firefox (issue #1322)

Josh Caldwell (2):
      Properly calculate the y position of the element when positioned relative
      Unbind moveend event when maxBounds removed

Justin Walgran (1):
      Add main to package.json

Karl Nack (1):
      Fix transformRe (fixes #1658)

Konstantin.Myakshin (1):
      Trigger popupopen/close on markers too.

Krister Kari (2):
      Add L.Util.trim
      Modify or replace regexes that break javascript lazy evaluation with 
multi line comments

Mattias Bengtsson (3):
      Fire zoomlevelschange event when zoomlevels are updated.
      Add tests for the zoomlevelschanged-event.
      Don't expose getZoomLevels.

Michael Moore (1):
      Allow value of 0 in L.DivIcon's html parameter

Nikolai Prokoschenko (1):
      Disable 3D CSS transforms on PhantomJS

Oleg Smith (1):
      Strage behavior of inplace github editor

Paul Bonaud (1):
      Toggle the display of a marker s popup on click

Paul Spencer (1):
      Update src/dom/DomEvent.js

R. Merkert (1):
      Make sure events don't fire after listener is removed.

Robert Nordan (4):
      Add a test that shows the DOM change failure
      Reuse DOM object in Marker.SetIcon, fixes #561
      Make test/example actually check ondragstart/end
      Ensure styles are set even when reusing DOM.

Roemer Vlasveld (3):
      Add hasLayer to LayerGroup
      Fix js typo
      hasLayer not checking for null

S. Andrew Sheppard (2):
      pass through coordsToLatLng when processing GeometryCollection
      make AMD declaration anonymous

Scooter Wadsworth (2):
      calculate x position with postion:relative and width/maxWidth
      smart tabs per contribution guidelines

Steve (5):
      Simplify features check
      Trying to fix whitespace
      whitespace again
      whitespace fix?
      Fix icon.js documentation

Steve Kashishian (3):
      Prevent infinite loop in adding of canvas CircleMarkers
      Prevent memory leak in removal of canvas layers
      Prevent contextmenu events on popups from falling thru to map

Tom MacWright (18):
      Split template tests into logic groups, test for template without
      Fix semicolons, breaking, whitespace, duplicate var statements.
      Test setView. The setTimeout can be removed when #1420 is fixed.
      Use tobe instead of testing the result of an equality
      Add public getContainer API to TileLayer, and test for it.
      Add layerGroup#getLayers and tests. Fixes #1460
      Use mocha
      Fix mercator tests, these are broken in Leaflet master.
      Tighter tolerance for point-near check
      Proper default for delta
      Throw an exception if a map div is not found
      Propagate popupclose event. Fixes #1681
      Propagate popupopen as well, refs #1681
      Ignore pan keyboard event if the map is animating. Fixes #1710
      End drag events on mouseout of document, fixes #1277
      Remove debugging
      Remove mouseout binding on up

Vagrant (1):
      Merge branch 'master' of git://

Vitaly Domnikov (1):
      Popup close button bugfix

Vladimir Agafonkin (312):
      update changelog
      Merge pull request #1290 from yohanboniface/docstring_typo
      Merge pull request #1286 from calvinmetcalf/layerControlEvents
      Merge pull request #1287 from jieter/master
      update changelog, bump version
      merge snkashis polygon fix
      update changelog
      update build
      Merge pull request #1294 from calvinmetcalf/IconPath
      improve zoom control design (refining @jacobtoye's work)
      rename top/bottom to first/last in control classes, thanks @yohanboniface
      Merge pull request #1299 from snkashis/fix_feat_collects
      Merge pull request #1302 from rvlasveld/fix_hasLayer_check_for_null
      Merge pull request #1300 from rvlasveld/add_hasLayer_to_layerGroup
      simplify toolbar classes
      make toolbar styles more generic
      update build and changelog
      Merge pull request #1317 from yohanboniface/escape_uri_component
      Merge pull request #1313 from jacobtoye/control-design
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/control-design'
      Merge pull request #1326 from edjafarov/master
      Merge pull request #1330 from edjafarov/master
      cleanup leaflet-include.js
      don't require testacular for other jake tasks
      minor contribution guide update
      update Jasmine to 1.3.1
      cleanup testacular config
      merge #1141 and clean it up
      minor whitespace cleanup
      update build
      Merge pull request #1053 from inpursuit/enhancement/3
      Merge pull request #1336 from edjafarov/travis-integration
      minor comment fixes
      add travis build status to readme
      cleanup package.json
      Merge pull request #1342 from danzel/circlemarker
      Merge pull request #1318 from yohanboniface/add_lbrt_getters
      merge #1340, fix whitespace
      make test task less verbose
      Merge pull request #1227 from jerel/patch/android-webview
      cleanup #1227 pull
      update changelog and build
      Merge pull request #1345 from calvinmetcalf/1314-coffeescript-classes
      update changelog once more
      improve core specs #1347
      fix Point factory not passing null through
      complete geometry tests to 100% #1347
      fix L.latLng factory not passing null through
      complete LatLng and LatLngBounds tests, #1347
      fix specs sometimes failing
      add a couple of DomUtil tests, #1347
      update changelog with 0.5.1 info
      update Jakefile comment
      fix package.json version to make Travis happy
      Merge pull request #1359 from danzel/fix-events
      Merge pull request #1365 from joschka/fix-viewport-offset
      Merge pull request #1367 from jacobtoye/MovePolylineEdit
      Merge pull request #1372 from snkashis/zoom_with_layerswitch
      Merge pull request #1373 from snkashis/marker_popups
      Merge pull request #1374 from oslek/move-events
      Merge pull request #1376 from moonlite/zoomlevelschange-event
      Merge pull request #1386 from snkashis/click_while_open
      Merge pull request #1385 from snkashis/bind_popup_option
      Merge pull request #1384 from snkashis/svg_clicks
      Note about line endings in the contributing guide
      Merge pull request #1397 from tmcw/template-tests
      Merge pull request #1399 from jfirebaugh/tabs_vs_spaces
      Merge pull request #1400 from jfirebaugh/getTileUrl
      update changelog
      Merge pull request #1402 from snkashis/path_popups
      update build and changelog
      make zoom buttons listen to zoomlevelschange
      Merge pull request #1405 from gismartware/master
      make Leaflet mention in attribution much less obtrusive
      throw meaningful exception on getCenter before setView, close #1395
      add Control getContainer, close #1409
      fix removeAttrubution, cover the control with tests, close #1410
      accept coordinates in form of simple objects, close #1412
      fix browser test runner, close #1418
      Prevent tile dragging in webkit, close #1406
      Merge pull request #1419 from tmcw/test-jshint
      Merge pull request #1421 from tmcw/setview-test
      fix setView test, #1420
      Merge pull request #1427 from jfirebaugh/should
      refactor TileLayer animation, fix #1140, #1437, #52, #1442
      Merge pull request #1434 from jfirebaugh/remove
      Merge pull request #1080 from brianhatchl/wms-tilesize-option-bug
      Merge pull request #1433 from tmcw/layer-container
      minor WMS cleanup after merge
      fix whitespace, update build
      fix rounding error when changing zoom, close #426
      fix typo, fix animated setView not converting latlng input
      fix 404 error in TileLayer tests
      Merge pull request #1438 from yohanboniface/echap-boxzoom
      Merge pull request #1439 from danzel/convert_option
      Merge pull request #1440 from danzel/zoom
      update changelog and build
      fix geolocation accuracy bounds, add more event data, close #984, related 
#584, #987, #1028
      Merge pull request #1444 from jfirebaugh/toolbar_style
      Merge pull request #1445 from jfirebaugh/zoom_style
      Merge pull request #1446 from jfirebaugh/unload
      add Point contains method
      cleanup and prettify animation code, more comments
      fil back buffer z-index issue
      Merge pull request #991 from adimitrov/overlay_bounds
      fix whitespace
      return this in LayerGroup eachLayer, close #1452
      Merge pull request #1457 from jfirebaugh/eachLayer
      Merge pull request #1458 from jfirebaugh/package.json
      Merge branch 'canvas_path_cursor' of into 
      fix events not overwriting target/type
      clean up the canvas hovering code
      Merge branch 'master' of
      update build
      Merge pull request #1467 from jfirebaugh/1459
      Merge pull request #1468 from pagameba/patch-1
      Merge pull request #1469 from tmcw/getlayers
      Merge pull request #1471 from snkashis/drag_handling
      Merge pull request #1476 from jwalgran/master
      Merge pull request #1487 from danzel/zoom-fixes
      Merge pull request #1490 from danzel/oldie-fixes
      Merge pull request #1501 from rassie/patch-1
      fix jshint 1.1.0 errors, update deps and build
      Merge pull request #1514 from danzel/featuregroup
      Merge pull request #1532 from malexeev/master
      update cloudmade API key on all debug pages
      Merge pull request #1551 from escaped/master
      update jake (prev version was having some problems building Leaflet)
      fix moveend not always firing on drag
      update build
      Merge branch 'master' of
      update build again
      Merge pull request #1554 from olegsmith/master
      Merge pull request #1537 from dotCypress/master
      Merge pull request #1562 from AndreyChizh/patch-1
      remove testacular master hack (as 0.6 is now stable)
      Merge pull request #1568 from jfirebaugh/karma
      remove testacular master hack (as 0.6 is now stable)
      Merge pull request #1479 from Leaflet/mocha
      fix coverage reporting in Karma #1479, close karma-runner/karma#461
      always show master branch image for Travis status
      move phantomjs check for touch into Leaflet
      switch to Node 0.10 for Travis
      Merge pull request #1572 from jfirebaugh/browserify
      Merge pull request #1575 from cschwarz/patch-1
      Merge pull request #1574 from tmcw/map-initialization-exception
      Merge pull request #1573 from jfirebaugh/prepublish
      Merge pull request #1579 from AndreyChizh/patch-1
      Merge pull request #1581 from jfirebaugh/getLayerId
      add map setZoomAround, merge #1582, close #1157
      more strict jshinting, enforce single quotes and camelCase for consistency
      cleaner jshint config
      update build
      Merge pull request #1598 from bpavot/webview-click-fix
      Merge pull request #1594 from danzel/zoom-fixes
      Merge pull request #1599 from iirvine/clear-event-listeners
      refactor and simplify events code
      more events code cleanup
      major changelog update
      fix tilelayer anim glitch, close #1548
      add resize event, close #1564
      fix lots of maxBounds issues, close #1491, close #1475, close #1194, 
close #900, #1333
      don't remove layer grom a group if it doesn't belong to it, close #1383
      bring autopanstart event back, close #1375
      don't animate if zoom difference is too large, close #1377
      cleanup draggable
      more draggable cleanup
      fix fitBounds for large bounds, close #1069, thanks to @MaZderMind
      add Util.invokeEach for hash arguments in event methods
      cleanup and merge #1596, adds Events#once
      fix typo
      fix tilelayer load event #1565
      rename retina marker image, close #1552, close #1553
      optimize marker icon source with svgo
      update build
      Merge pull request #1462 from jfirebaugh/toGeoJSON
      update build
      Merge pull request #1607 from kristerkari/fix-js-lazyeval
      remove hasOwnProperty checks, close #1606
      fire load before viewreset/moveend
      Merge branch 'master' of
      improve contribution guide, update tests/coverage notes
      add ie and safari to jake test platforms
      add Popup keepInView option, close #1308
      add GeoJSON coordsToLatLng option, close #888, close #866
      fixed typo in GeoJSON coordsToLatLngs
      simplify popup methods, merge #738
      move Map control methods to Control.js
      add map.openPopup(content, latlng) convenience
      add popup open and close events, close #612
      Add padding options for map.fitBounds/getBoundsZoom, close #859
      simplify fitBounds-related code, fix typo
      update build
      normalize point in Point equals and contains methods
      minor cleanup
      cleanup, utilize factories more
      update build
      prevent setView after geolocation if called stopLocate, close #747
      better property name
      fix regression in Map hasLayer
      fix Popup autoPan regression
      don't scroll to top of the map on focus, close #1228, close #1540
      define Leaflet as an AMD module as well, close #1364
      fix bug that prevented tile loading during pan animation
      options in view change methods, ability to turn on/off animation, closes 
      update build
      rename zoom/panOptions to zoom/pan in setView options
      wrap tile bounds when checking against layer bounds, close #1618
      fix path canvas race condition, close #1615
      add latlng to marker mouse events data, close #1613
      Merge pull request #1632 from tjoekbezoer/master
      Merge pull request #1633 from stuporglue/divicon_0
      Merge pull request #1635 from danzel/master
      clean up handlers and panes on map remove, close #1621
      accept global animate option in setView
      minor cleanup
      accept true as a third setView argument for compatibility
      Merge pull request #1642 from gumballhead/master
      Merge pull request #1617 from Leaflet/setview-anim
      add optional popup argument to Map closePopup
      Merge pull request #1650 from gumballhead/layers-by-id
      fix pan animation regression, close #1629
      Merge pull request #1659 from karlnack/fix-ff-maxbounds
      major changelog update
      fix typo
      Merge pull request #1661 from spamdaemon/FIX_1654
      update changelog
      fix whitespace in event spec, #1661
      update build
      minor changelog fix
      context-based off/fire fix
      fix TileLayer 404 errors off-world
      simplify zoom anim a bit
      Merge pull request #1669 from jfirebaugh/closeOnClick
      Merge pull request #1683 from jfirebaugh/1683
      Merge pull request #1688 from korzhyk/master
      add mailmap to gitignore
      update packages versions, minor jshinting
      update build
      Merge pull request #1713 from snkashis/circlemarker_loop
      Merge pull request #1723 from snkashis/canvas_removals
      update build
      update jshint to 2.1.3, reenable jshint white - big thanks to 
      Merge pull request #1729 from jfirebaugh/add-remove
      Merge pull request #1726 from Norkart/reuseIconDOM
      fix hinting error, update build
      Merge pull request #1732 from snkashis/contextpopup
      Merge pull request #1750 from jec006/unbind-moveend-maxbounds
      update layers icon, add retina version, cleaner popup styles, close #1739
      better regexp for image folder detection, close #1657
      make all WMS request keys uppercase, close #1751
      Merge pull request #1745 from jec006/calculate-y-mouse
      update build
      Merge pull request #1754 from danzel/master
      prettify marker svg source
      add layers icon svg source
      fix 1px popup anchor shift
      Merge pull request #1760 from yohanboniface/markerdrag_off
      Merge pull request #1762 from sheppard/master
      Merge pull request #1761 from popox/marker-togglePopup
      Merge pull request #1766 from 
      update changelog with last month improvements
      update build
      group API bugfixes in changelog
      Merge pull request #1770 from snkashis/patch-4
      fix icon reuse code to properly handle shadow, close #1768
      update build
      fix regression in marker setIcon #1768
      more explicit copyright in the top comment
      change map.invalidateSize signature to accept options, close #1767, #1766
      fix zoom anim regression with a hack for now, close #1705
      fix geolocation data regression in FF/IE, close #1755
      Merge branch 'overlay-event' of into 
      simplify control layers events code #1634
      fix True Mercator projection calculations, close #1578
      fix zoom not working with L_DISABLE_3D regression, close #1756
      update build
      add keyboard accessibility to markers, close #1355
      add TileLayer.WMS crs option for reprojecting, close #945
      Merge pull request #1778 from sheppard/master
      convert geojson-converted layers back to features
      Merge pull request #1779 from Leaflet/togeojson-feature
      Propagate popup clicks outside of map container, close #301
      Merge pull request #1780 from Leaflet/iframe-mouseout
      prevent default on marker mousedown so it doesn't get outline on click
      call init hooks before adding layers (fixes zoom anim regression)
      move all tap hacks code into a separate handler, close #1781
      collapse layers control on click instead of movestart
      update changelog and build
      remove leftover code
      disable tap hacks on IE, ref #1694
      Merge pull request #1783 from Leaflet/taphacks
      fix jshint errors
      Merge branch 'iframe-drag'
      remove unnecessary preventDefault
      Merge pull request #1784 from danzel/fix-1694
      revert remove preventDefault #1782, breaks FF
      fix Android firing click twice on buttons, close #1785, related #1694
      update build
      update changelog
      Merge pull request #1786 from Leaflet/preventDefault
      minor formatting stuff
      update changelog and build
      fix regression of not being able to addLayer in initHooks
      update build
      add Circle & CircleMarker toGeoJSON
      bump version, update changelog and build
      minor changelog fix
      remove outdated changelog line
      update docs section in contributing guide
      bring back the horrible timeout hack for Android, close #1785
      update build

Xelio (2):
      L.Control.Layers: 'overlayadd' and 'overlayremove' event should also fire 
on external overlay changes.
      External baselayer changes should fire 'baselayerchange' instead of 

Yohan Boniface (7):
      Typo in Polyline docstring
      Escape URI component in getParamString
      Add LatLngBounds.getLeft/getBottom/getRight/getTop
      Use getWest/South/East/North instead of getLeft/Bottom/Right/Top
      Eat our own food
      Allow for canceling a boxzoom being drawn pressing Escape key
      removeEventListener with same context used for adding it

alexanderd (3):
      Rename TileLayer.options.tileBounds to bounds
      Better parameter handling for TileLayer bounds
      Use proper factory call for bounds option

bpavot (1):
      Android webview fix : Use originalEvent when needed to find timestamp

danzel (36):
      Test cases for #1297 circleMarker setRadius issue.
      Fix #1297 CircleMarker setRadius not working if called before adding to 
      More CircleMarker tests, move them where they should be.
      Make setRadius and updateStyle({radius: 123 }) work.
      Change _propagateEvent to be careful that it doesn't overwrite e.layer if 
it is already set. Allows markers to be in multiple FeatureGroups and have the 
events come through correctly. See the test for details.
      TileLayer opacity fixes as per @javisantana in #1371. Fixes #1084
      Add the output of "jake test --cov" to gitignore.
      Add how to run the tests and get test coverage to CONTRIBUTING. Not my 
finest writing, but a start at least hopefully :-)
      Allow overwriting the given array, for usage by spliceLatLngs.
      Start on some Polyline/Polygon tests.
      Fix building without zoom animations enabled
      Fix zooming on browsers without zoom animation support. Refs #1486
      Fix opacity in oldie for the millionth time. Refs #1486
      Fix copy/paste bug
      Add failing test case for #1495 from @iirvine
      Fix for #1495
      Replace the FeatureGroup test with a better one in events, this one 
currently fails
      Always stamp the context in addEventListener, makes the optimisation 
always apply if there is a context.
      Fix whitespace for jshint
      Add another events test and fix from @iirvine
      Use L.stamp to always have a stamped context on removal too.
      Fix touch zooming while zoom animation is playing. Fixes #1591 #1571
      Better fixes for touchzoom while zooming. If we got a touchmove and 
touchend in series before the animation frame for the touchmove fired then we'd 
get into a broken state.
      Update TouchZoomEmu with more crazy tests. Useful when debugging touch 
zoom behaviour
      Fix up brace position
      Add aria-haspopup to layers dialog, fixes it not working on 
WinPhone8/IE10 Touch devices. Fixes #1539
      Make jshint happy
      Add support to DivIcon for reusing a div. Fixes #1753. Still issues 
remain (Can't change a marker with a DivIcon to have an image Icon or vice 
      Make Icon/DivIcon reuse not try reuse the wrong dom element type.
      Don't say this so much, options is in local scope.
      Make Marker setIcon unit tests better.
      Tidy up ugly icon-swap code.
      jshint fixes.
      update build
      Add another test for marker/shadow reuse
      Don't add mouseover/out listeners to the layers control on android, 
otherwise your first touch will do mouseover, showing the list and click, 
clicking an item. Fixes #1694

fabriceds (1):
      Fixes box-zooming in Firefox 18+

iirvine (10):
      initial implementation of events#once
      better implementation, more tests
      back to first implementation to fix event leak
      damn my coffeescript brainfarts
      fixing jshint errors
      fix our context to the object that's registering this listener
      initial commit of #clearEventListeners
      clearEventListeners -> clearAllListeners
      fix jshint

jacobtoye (7):
      Using hex color instead of rgba to support oldie.
      Removing unnecessary ie only styles.
      Remove Polyline.Edit file.
      Remove PolyEdit from the dependencies file for building.
      Removing editable polyline/polygon example.
      Add parameter to invalidateSize for changing the center.
      Moving brace to correct position.

jerel (3):
      Fixes #1041, Android WebView triggers two clicks at once. This calls
      This makes sure we only do the Android duplicate click workaround on 
      This modifies the Android WebView phantom click workaround.

jfgirard (5):
      store the event listeners using a hash if the context have a leaflet_id.
      Path CANVAS adds a click event if clickable but do not clear it on 
remove.  This adds the necessary remove listener.
      use a property for index length because its slow to get the first 
property or get the length of a hash.
      code convention
      fix undefined error use cases

malexeev (1):
      safer _getSubdomain

mourner (2):
      update changelog
      make latest jshint happy, update deps

olegsmith (2):
      Extend L.Util.template
      Remove trailing whitespace in fix

oslek (3):
      prevent false move events in invalidateSize
      fire dragend before moveend for consistency
      prevent extra movestart on inertia drag

snkashis (23):
      filter out the last point of a polygon to account for GeoJSON 
      Handle arrays of feature collections
      Revert "whitespace fix?"
      condition on one line
      determine button disabled state on baselayer change
      remove handler too
      Allow popups that are bound to markers to have new content set
      include conditional before trying to set content of popup
      Allow clicks to pass thru non clickable paths
      Allow previously created popups to be used with bindPopup
      Don't fade in a currently shown marker popup
      allow Path.bindPopup to take existing popups as well.
      Hand cursor for canvas paths
      dupe of 50K vector test, for canvas.
      don't perform if animatingZoom
      mistaken, unneeded test file.
      mouseout firing
      allow for no overwrite option in covertLatLngs
      force new array
      handle drag handlers properly to avoid errors if moving while removed.
      call disable, not removeHooks
      move test location
      work with handlers in right place


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