The annotated tag, v0.3 has been created
        at  ee46879466291e861141ea6c0df9e13549ed20f2 (tag)
   tagging  f36c27851b24a7b3b021adf4e597c3a06313616c (commit)
  replaces  v0.2.1
 tagged by  mourner
        on  Mon Feb 13 16:14:06 2012 +0200

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Tag for 0.3 stable release

Alex Graul (1):
      fix issue with 180 longs being clamped to -180

Andrey Rublev (7):
      Improved inheritance mechanism, fixed access to the superclass
      Fix Bounds.contains method in case if obj argument is instance of L.Point
      Add L.DomUtil.removeClass method
      Add method Polyline.closestLayerPoint
      Now draggable's event 'drag' syncronized with actual position of 
draggable element
      Fix method L.LineUtil._sqClosestPointOnSegment
      Add method setLatLngs to L.MultiPolygon and L.MultiPolyline

Andy Chosak (5):
      Add map events for popup open/close.
      Removed unnecessary parameter.
      Bug fix related to issue #373.
      Pull request for issue #447.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

Borin Ouch (1):
      Fix Attribution control behaviour before it's added to map.

Charlie Savage (1):
      Fix map refernce for _onDragEnd method.

Christian Bäuerlein (1):
      call method #getSize on the map instance, not a global object called map

CodeJosch (2):
      Pass object
      Array access => tile

Dino Ravnić (8):
      fixed not decreasing total tile count when a tile is being discarded
      when tile option noWrap is set, checking if tile x coordinate is valid
      fixed not clearing old layer content in case of non animated pan or zoom
      fixed an error at uninitialized layer container
      moved viewreset event handler to a callback function
      firing tileunload when a layer is being reset
      if map is not loaded don't fire mouse events
      don't proceed with invalidation if map is not loaded

ErshKUS (4):
      fix zoom mousescroll, test FF3.6 Chrome last IE 8
      oops, I'm new to GitHub
      add options correct class popup
      leaflet-popup class should be always present

Jason Sanford (4):
      Path.setStyle didn't return "this". I assume it is supposed to.
      Adding "getBounds" method to L.Path and a debug page to show it in use.
      Moving "getBounds" from L.Path to L.Polyline as some descendants of 
L.Path dont' have a "getLatLngs" method.
      Adding "toBBoxString" method to LatLngBounds. I'm following the 
OpenSearch Geo spec which is different than what was originally request in #216.

Jochen (1):
      fire a "tileunload" when tiles removed

Jonathan DERROUGH (2):
      Removed some trailing spaces in 'src/map/Map.js'.
      Marker._map is undefined in Marker.bindPopup()

Jonny Gerig Meyer (2):
      Added support for Popup closeButton option.
      Fixed support for Popup closePopupOnClick option.

Kevin Mahoney (1):
      Extend the GeoJSON layer from FeatureGroup to allow click events.

Majiir Paktu (1):
      Added zoomInvert option to reverse the order in which zooms are numbered.

Marcin Sikon (3):
      add minWidth to Popup, fix calculation _containerWidth
      fix my previous mistake with offsetWidth
      Marker.js: this._reset() after set new icon, because the icon element has 
no set position

Mikolaj Grajek (1):
      Right click (context menu) event on Map (with default context menu popup

Morten Ditlevsen (12):
      Fix antialiasing on WebKit when calling map.invalidateSize() on a map 
having an odd width or height (e.g. when resizing a browser window and having 
set the map width to 100%)
      Simplified antialiasing fix - thanks Vladimir.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Option to reuse tiles instead of creating and destroying them continuously
      Merge branch 'master' of into 
      'redraw' method for Tile.Canvas layer
      If image source for an icon is null, then create a div-object instead of 
an img-object
      Added 'intersection' method for Bounds - just like the current 
implementation for LatLngBounds
      Merge branch 'master' of into redraw
      Merge branch 'master' of into divicon
      Merge branch 'master' of into 
      Haversine distance formula for getting distance (in meters) between two 

Mourner (94):
      sanitize LatLng arguments, closes #136
      update changelog
      cleanup jonny's pull
      Merge branch 'master' of into 
      merge Florian's pull, fixes, cleanup, circle click, added todos
      fix static properties inheritance
      refactoring, cleanup, take strokeWidth into account in circle click
      canvas polyline click events
      move path canvas code to a separate folder
      canvas polygon clicks through ray casting (yay!), refactoring
      fix canvas polygon click on border
      move SVG-specific code into a separate file
      vector namespaces/consants refactoring
      removed excessive line
      remove duplication in canvas code
      update build (only ~2.5kb increase from canvas backend, great!)
      prettier vector example
      Merge branch 'master' into HEAD
      update changelog
      fix circle drawing bug
      click tolerance for polylines
      fix regression that caused 'L_PREFER_CANVAS undefined' error
      path canvas fixes (make sure there's no accidental styling)
      don't draw circles that are off the clip region, closes #141
      remove accidental console.log
      update changelog
      fix occasional overlay blurriness in WebKit
      fix indentation, use documentFragment when adding tiles, closes #152
      rely more on feature detection instead of ua string, closes #142
      fix crash on Android 3, closes #137, #160
      update changelog and build
      remove noSpec failures (enable when needed during development)
      Merge branch 'master' of
      update includes in spec runner
      temporarily disable projection specs (need rewrite after refactoring)
      more Class specs to test @anru changes
      update build and changelog
      map#hasLayer, ability to add tile layers below all others
      initial Control.Layers commit
      minor tweaks
      passing layer config in control constructor
      Merge branch 'master' of
      update build with Layers control
      Merge branch 'master' of
      update changelog
      Limited zoom change on a single mouse wheel movement, closes #149
      update changelog and build
      Fix map click error when dragging is initially disabled, closes #196
      fix setPrefix not updating attribution prefix, closes #195
      fix potential Safari crashes and tile load errors
      update changelog
      Close marker popup on marker removal (merge Rick's pull)
      update changelog
      Fix layer ordering in Control.Layers
      fixed mouse zoom when map is inside scrollable div, closes #206
      nicer buttons on debug canvas page
      Merge branch 'master' of
      update changelog
      add layer through layer group in debug page
      update version and website link
      update canvas debug page
      Merge branch 'master' of
      revert #221, as it causes flickering on zoom animation
      circle clipping
      todo comment
      fix changelog typo
      added author notice
      TileLayer continuousWorld option, related to #236
      Fix IE6-8 popup close button error, closes #235
      fix geojson example #233
      more mouse scrolling fixes, update build
      cleanup example
      debug page for polygon setLatLngs
      fix marker setLatLng in case it's called before adding #222
      preserve map center after resize
      update dependencies in custom builder
      fix requestAnimationFrame in some Chrome/Linux builds
      cleanup LatLngBounds toBBoxString
      Merge branch 'master' of
      cleanup, update changelog
      update build
      minor cleanup
      don't add the same listener twice, close #281
      Merge branch 'master' of
      update changelog
      more on #281
      Fix mouse events propagating on attribution control, close #279
      update build and changelog
      Fix initializing map in a non-empty div, close #278
      simple vector debug page
      Fix vector layer click events for iOS, close #204
      update changelog
      added TileLayer zoomOffset option (thanks to @msaspence)
      Fix overlay positions when panning to a copy of a world, close #273

Neno (4):
      Fix L.DomUtil.removeClasss method. Regex wasn't matching '-' chars in 
class names.
      Fix L.DomUtil.removeClasss method. Regex wasn't matching '-' chars in 
class names.
      Merge branch 'removeclass_fix'
      Method TileLayer._reset now first cleans old container HTML and then 
initializes a new one.

Rick Harris (1):
      Remove marker popups when marker is removed

Samat K Jain (2):
      Better touch feature detection
      Ignore shift key for touch-enabled browsers

Savva (1):
      Fix for Elliptical Mercator projection (y coord corresponds to minor 
earth radius)

Vladimir Agafonkin (50):
      Merge pull request #169 from JasonSanford/master
      Merge pull request #178 from anru/master
      Merge pull request #179 from anru/master
      Merge pull request #180 from anru/master
      Edited via GitHub
      Merge pull request #197 from anru/markerdrag
      Merge pull request #186 from anru/master
      Merge pull request #189 from anru/domutil
      Merge pull request #200 from anru/master
      Merge pull request #194 from anru/multipoly
      Merge pull request #207 from florianf/master
      Merge pull request #218 from marphi/marker_seticon
      Merge pull request #214 from marphi/minWidthInPopup
      Merge pull request #220 from giscloud/removeclass_fix
      Merge pull request #221 from giscloud/setview_fix
      Merge pull request #234 from giscloud/master
      Merge pull request #236 from giscloud/master
      Merge pull request #237 from giscloud/master
      Merge pull request #240 from giscloud/master
      Merge pull request #242 from ErshKUS/master
      Merge pull request #253 from JasonSanford/master
      Merge pull request #264 from fabrik42/master
      Merge pull request #263 from JasonSanford/master
      Merge pull request #270 from KMahoney/master
      Merge pull request #256 from CodeJosch/tileunload
      Merge pull request #276 from 
      Fixes IE problem introduced in a recent commit, #292
      Merge pull request #290 from giscloud/tileunload.fix
      Merge pull request #300 from giscloud/mouseevents.fix
      Merge pull request #302 from giscloud/invalidatesize.fix
      Fixed error when calling setRadius before adding circle to the map, 
closed #307
      Merge pull request #308 from cfis/dragend
      Fixed marker regression as pointed out by @shramov
      Merge pull request #332 from samatjain/firefox
      Added mousemove to paths
      remove extra semicolon
      Merge pull request #403 from alexgraul/master
      Merge pull request #421 from ErshKUS/master
      Merge pull request #427 from mikolajgrajek/master
      Merge pull request #429 from jderrough/master
      Merge pull request #436 from jderrough/master
      Merge pull request #433 from aceiii/master
      Fix incorrect merge of #373
      Merge pull request #453 from mortenbekditlevsen/master
      Merge pull request #458 from mortenbekditlevsen/reusetiles
      Merge pull request #459 from mortenbekditlevsen/redraw
      Merge pull request #460 from mortenbekditlevsen/divicon
      Merge pull request #461 from mortenbekditlevsen/boundsintersection
      Merge pull request #462 from mortenbekditlevsen/lldist
      Merge pull request #468 from appelflap/master

anru (1):
      Fix dragging markers without shadows

appelflap (1):
      Make _update obey min/max Zoom of layer

chrillo (1):
      Scrolling Offset Bug Fix

florian (8):
      First implementation of a canvas backend for rendering overlays. 
Currently no events and no polygons with holes are supported.
      Canvas overlay implementation. Added more shapes to vector.html test.
      Set updateOnMoveEnd true for circle, so it can be updated by canvas 
      Removed debug code from canvas renderer.
      Added special class for circle canvas rendering
      Changed implementation as discussed in first push request.
      Added hole polygon test
      Added path again to vector.html

florianf (6):
      Disable unloadInvisibleTiles for android browsers. Seems to fix crashing 
of android 3.1 webkit
      Narrowed android crashing down.
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      Implemented removing of canvas layers. Fixes #172
      Added second removal of canvas layer for testing purposes.
      Updated UNIX Makefile to include all files like Windows make.bat

mourner (119):
      fix broken canvas layer positioning in FF, closes #156
      Minor cleanup, tested WebStorm git integration
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
      Fixed a bug related to panning getting stuck after releasing the mouse 
over an iframe or flash, closed #64 and #166
      Fixed whitespace
      cleanup, fix IE6 events error
      update build
      update build
      A better attempt at the copy world problem, hopefully closed #273, fixed 
#293, fixed #294, closed #288
      Fixed regression in Draggable (click triggers after dragging), closed #306
      Fixed trailing comma, closed #305
      Fixed performance drop when calling panTo or setView to the current 
center, closed #231
      Clear transition step interval timer one more time (to make sure it 
doesn't leak), related to #231
      update build
      update changelog
      Fixed geojson example error #304
      Fixed IE6/7 and IE8-compat overlays not displaying regression, closed #312
      update build
      Fixed Marker setIcon breaking if marker isn't added to the map, closed 
      Turn off world copy jump if continuous world is turned on
      Improved map locate method, added watching and more options
      update build
      update changelog
      update build
      jslinted for fun
      vector code refactoring to fix #339
      Prevented some CSS frameworks from setting Leaflet img max-width, fixed 
      fix vector regression
      fix vector flickering in Safari on big maps
      don't add click event more than once on bindPopup
      Added Marker unbindPopup method
      Fixed ROOT_URL regression
      Build updated
      Build updated
      add urlParams argument to TileLayer constructor
      update changelog
      Fixed changelog
      Make layers control expanded on mobile by default (temp workaround).
      Throw error if trying to initialize the same map container twice. Closed 
      Fixed z-index marker issues in IE, closed #259
      update build
      fix typo in movestart fire
      update build and changelog
      Fixed fast mouse wheel zoom when approaching min/max zoom
      At last, added ability to set max geographical bounds within which users 
can pan/zoom! Closed #93
      Fixed rare polygon/polyline rendering issue, closed #381
      Fixed min zoom recalculation on resize when max bounds enabled
      Whitespace fixes
      JSHint config added
      More jshinting and whitespace fixes
      update build with new closure
      update closure compiler
      remove closure compiler from the distribution (it's easy to download it 
on your own when building)
      Add gitignore to closure compiler folder
      Try removing closure compiler again
      Some really heavy jshinting and whitespace fixes
      Final jshinting without remorse
      Fixed GeoJSON pointToLayer not working inside a GeometryCollection, 
      more whitespace fixes
      Switched to Node + Jake + UglifyJS for building
      Simplify Jakefile
      add components configuration to jake build
      simplify deps management
      split build code into two files
      minor build helper improvements
      integrate jshint into Jakefile, minor cleanup
      Readme update
      Readme update
      Readme update 2
      update build
      fix line endings and update build
      fix line endings and update build 2
      fix line endings and update build 3
      improve build helper instructions
      Report build size change
      Added LatLngBounds intersects method, closed #350
      Merge Elliptical Mercator fix by @Savvkin
      Fix LatLngBounds intersects
      Merge map popup events by @chosak #373
      fix whitespace
      Handler code refactoring
      Restructure handler code
      Added ImageOverlay load event, closed #213
      Move popup on Marker setLatLng (by @tjarratt), closes #272
      udpate build
      fix map drag regression
      Added map zoomstart event, fixed movestart event, closed #377
      Fixed GeoJSON date line rendering bug, closed #354
      Categorize API improvements in the changelog
      minor changelog update
      revert geojson debug files
      one more changelog cleanup
      Added FeatureGroup setStyle and invoke methods, closed #353
      Fixed Safari redraw after popup issue, closed #296
      Added Marker zIndexOffset option, closed #65
      Fixed getBoundsZoom regression on small bounds
      Fixed map.getBounds on a date line cross issue, closed #295
      Fixed empty Polygon constructor issue
      update build
      Significantly improved line simplification performance
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
      Clean up harvesine formula, update changelog
      Update changelog
      merge reverse zoom TileLayer option from Majiir
      Update build and changelog
      Fixed touch-panning inside a popup, closed #452
      minor TileLayer edits
      more stable zoom animation
      update build
      Fixed Layer Switcher on Mobile, closed #203
      update changelog
      Fixed Android vector layers regression, Closed #416, #407, #182
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
      update build
      Added setZIndexOffset to Marker, closed #449
      Fixed attributions disappearing, closed #405
      Fixed Android 2 stability issues, Closed #69
      Fixed Android 3 stability issues
      Update build and changelog


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