The annotated tag, v0.4.1 has been created
        at  8a10dd40f9f16230f525a2ba60a2e3a1f9b201aa (tag)
   tagging  a393cdec20c8349ce2869cc091479bc7042aa248 (commit)
  replaces  v0.4
 tagged by  Vladimir Agafonkin
        on  Tue Jul 31 10:59:42 2012 +0300

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Version 0.4.1

Olexandr Skrypnyk (2):
      Detect retina support for a huge amount of devices by Thomas Fuchs
      Move `isRetina` method from Util to Browser

Vladimir Agafonkin (7):
      fix ugly marker shadows on iE8, closes #850
      update changelog
      fix incorrect calculation of scale by the scale control, closes #852
      update changelog
      Merge pull request #854 from sxua/master
      Merge pull request #856 from mattcurrie/patch-1
      update build and changelog

mattcurrie (1):
      Fix L.tileLayer.wms class factory


JavaScript library for displaying map data in web browsers

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