The annotated tag, v0.6.2 has been created
        at  715c96139d01cd6481d534df02e276f8d15c2b23 (tag)
   tagging  46356e73a76db034d666abd9206070d35a0c643b (commit)
  replaces  v0.6.1
 tagged by  Vladimir Agafonkin
        on  Fri Jun 28 16:47:48 2013 -0400

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Version 0.6.2

John Firebaugh (7):
      Disable text selection on mousedown rather than move
      Replace explicit z-index with DOM reordering
      Workaround for FF user-select bug (fixes #1807)
      Manage happen.js with npm and upgrade it
      Consistent mouse event propagation in Marker and Path
      Revert "Consistent mouse event propagation in Marker and Path"

Vladimir Agafonkin (14):
      Merge pull request #1801 from Leaflet/1800
      fix chrome zoom anim flickering near map borders
      update build and changelog
      Merge pull request #1804 from Leaflet/1790
      update changelog
      add plugin authoring guide, close #399
      updates to plugin authoring guide
      Merge pull request #1809 from Leaflet/mouse-events
      update build, bump minor version
      update changelog
      bump version in package.json
      rename plugin authoring guide
      update changelog
      remove change that didn't go into 0.6.2


JavaScript library for displaying map data in web browsers

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