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fast navigation system featuring exact routing - data files
 MoNav is a Desktop / Mobile application that offers state-of-the-art fast and
 exact routing with OpenStreetMap Data.
 In contrast to most commercial and open-source routing applications, MoNav
 offers exact routing without heuristic assumptions and with very little
 computational work. Its routing core is based on Contraction Hierarchies.
 The application is divided into two parts: The MoNav Preprocessor transforms
 the raw OpenStreetMap data into file formats usable by the MoNav Client
 application. The preprocessing is often time consuming and requires larger
 amounts of memory. The client application on the other hand has very few
 requirements and can even run on mobile devices.
 Additionally a routing daemon is available to act as a background route
 server for other applications.
 This package contains architecture-independent data files.
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Changes: monav (0.2+svn450-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Uploading to unstable
  * New upstream snapshot
  * Refresh information in debian/copyright
  * Patches refreshed, 03-fix_source_typos.patch removed (merged
  * Fix various FTBFS issues (01-fix_build_issues.patch)
  * Also build monav-preprocessor-gui and monav-packager
  * Upstream now uses sane binary names, drop the hackery in
    debian/rules, and install proper files in debian/*.install
  * Make new monav-data binary package: split images into an
    arch-independent package, instead of embedding them into a Qt
    Resource file (03-dont_embed_resources.patch and other files)
  * Fix some source code typos (04-fix_typos.patch)
  * Don't install the extra license file for Oxygen icons; rather,
    list them in debian/copyright

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monav-routing-daemon_0.2+svn450-1_i386.deb - optional utils
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monav_0.2+svn450-1_i386.deb - optional utils

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