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> > > * bt747: I filed an ITP against bt747 (altough I see dapal has some
> > > doubts about it...) [1]. Do you think  this package fits in Osm team?
> > > (It shows your track in an OSM map and allows you to upload it to osm)
> > > Or maybe it fits better in GIS Team? 
> > 
> > It can be co-maintained by both, IMHO. 
> Oh! I thought this package was again a RFP, but I if the the person who
> filed the bug is still interested in it, we can do it together, of
> course. I'll write again to tell him this.

No, I meant, maintained inside both teams :)

> > However, apart from the questions I
> > asked at the time, from time to time I tried to package it myself. Needless
> > to say, the tarball I had at the time was bloated, with lots of third-party
> > software needed to be stripped off, and it couldn't even build.
> > So I'd say: if you want, give it a try. But it's not a "necessary"
> > package ;)
> I'm looking the upstream source and, as you say, it doesn't seem very
> easy to package. But I'm quite interested because I use it to download
> my gps data. For now, I'll give it a chance...

Good. Remember there's also mtkbabel (and my gmtkbabel GUI) to download gps
data ;)

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