(new) khtmlib_0.40~20110401-3.debian.tar.gz optional web
(new) khtmlib_0.40~20110401-3.dsc optional web
(new) libjs-khtmlib_0.40~20110401-3_all.deb optional web
javascript library for browser maps
 Slippy Map is a web interface for browsing rendered OpenStreetMap data.
 khtmlib is a javascript library to provide Slippy Maps. It has a very
 fast zoom and has also a basic interface for markers and vector data.
  * API uses WGS 84.
  * OpenGL support (3D CSS) on iPhone
  * Hardware acceleration on WebKit
 Please note that apart from good optimization for that particular
 (branch of) rendering engine(s), this library is not tied to KHTML (or
 its derivative WebKit).
Changes: khtmlib (0.40~20110401-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Package now maintained at the Debian OpenStreetMap Team (not
    JavaScript team):
    + Update Maintainer field in control file.

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