Hi Andrew,

On 11-04-19 at 09:29pm, Andrew Harvey wrote:
> The examples for libjs-khtmlib appear to be broken. The html files are 
> looking for the non-existent 
> http://localhost/doc/libjs-khtmlib/examples/js/khtml.js
I stumbled into this problem myself yesterday. :-)

> A simple fix is,
> ln -s -T /usr/share/javascript/khtml /usr/share/doc/libjs-khtmlib/examples/js
> Though I'm not sure what's the best fix from a packaging perspective.

Ah, yes.  I didn't think of that approach.  I guess that would be 
acceptable according to Debian Policy, but consider instead to hack all 
html example files to hardcode the full path instead - as that will work 
also if copying the examples into another folder - and online too, if 
adding the following to Apache:

  Alias /usr/share/javascript /usr/share/javascript/

Thanks for your interest in khtmlib, and for this bugreport,

 - Jonas

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