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> Hello everybody,
> since Mònica asked for a website... here it is :)
>         http://pkg-osm.alioth.debian.org/


> Hope you like it. It's ikiwiki-based, and the repository is located at
>         git://git.debian.org/pkg-osm/pkg-osm.git
> For instructions on how it is structured, please read the "official"
> documentation ;)
>         http://pkg-osm.alioth.debian.org/website-hacking/

I'll do it :-)
> There's also a WNPP-related page, it would be nice if we could link
> packages there.
> Now, we probably need a logo (or maybe not). OSM logo with a swirl on it?

Now, I'm away for a few days, but I already did a logo some days ago. I think 
it's just your idea. When I come back I will upload it to the web.

I also thought about doing a table with all osm-related software, but didn't 
have time to start with it before leaving. Do you think its place is here in 
this web or in wiki.d.o?

Thanks for your work!
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