Package: libjs-openlayers
Version: 2.10+ds1-2
Severity: important
Tags: patch

The current patch/00-fix_data_paths.patch uses the local path to resources,
e.g. /usr/share/openlayers/img/, however when accessing the library through a
web browser via the javascript-common package (e.g.
http://localhost/javascript/openlayers/OpenLayers.js) these local paths are no
longer valid.

To make the img and theme content available over the web, symlink
them into /usr/share/javascript/openlayers/ and then drop

patch suggestion is add file debian/libjs-openlayers.links with content
/usr/share/openlayers/theme /usr/share/javascript/openlayers/theme
/usr/share/openlayers/img /usr/share/javascript/openlayers/img

and drop patch/00-fix_data_paths.patch (then fix patch/series)

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