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> Hey there,
> this mail is about the WNPP page compiled by Mònica.

I'd like to explain how I made the selection. I filter the software that
fulfill the following conditions:

* Desktop (or web)  software
* Linux version
* Free License (and available code)
* Active until 1 or 2 years ago

I didn't test all this software, only took a glance to the
website/project. So, if you think there is any software that doesn't fit
in Debian, feel free to remove it (or maybe create another table with
this software explaining why it doesn't fit ).

> I can take care of two packages from activityworkshop.net (OSM Wrangler and
> Mkgmap GUI), since I also maintain gpsprune, and I've established good
> collaboration with upstream.

Perfect. I was also thinking about these two packages (they seem quite
easy ;-) ), but if you have the contact it's easier you package them.
Anyway, if you have too much work, count on me!

> Regarding OSMembrane: I tried it, and really like it. It's a nice
> GUI frontend to Osmosis (which is used to filter/mangle .osm files in various
> ways, FYI). I did take a look at it when it was announced on OSM mailing 
> lists;
> however, I found some issues with the source code (embedded jars with no 
> source
> code available, and the such). After a couple of days, I haven't investigated 
> it
> further though. So it might be worth a look. I can take care of it as well.

Great. I suppose you were working on it, but not sure because of the
lack of an ITP.

> Regarding abandoned software: I'd vote for not packaging it (after all, Debian
> is not a "dead software dump", and all the maintainance burden would be on us)
> -- unless upstream revives it, that is (mapdiff is abandoned? and written in D
> -- a good candidate for not being packaged :D).

I just separated "probably-abandoned" software into a third table. If
there is an interesting package, we could get in touch with upstream to
confirm if it is really abandoned (like osm2go).

If you think this third table is not a good idea, please change it or
revert my changes.

> Should we add a new column to list the person taking care of a package? Or
> should we just go file ITPs and link them there? (I'd be for the latter)
+1 for the latter.


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