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> On 11-05-11 at 01:14pm, Mònica Ramírez Arceda wrote:
> > * It seems that one of the embedded jars (swingx-ws) is not the 
> > original library, but a modified one. I can't find the source 
> > anywhere. This is a big problem, isn't it?
> Big problem if code comes without source, yes.
> Perhaps try ask the Debian Java team - perhaps they have clues on where 
> to search for it?

Good idea, altough I will ask first to upstream because I think it's not
worth packaging this software if I don't have a minimal upstream

> > * In some files there is external code with different copyrights. 
> > There is no file detailing these licenses and in some cases licenses 
> > are not clear.
> Mixture of licenses (which I guess you really mean) is not a problem, as 
> long as they are compatible.
> The trouble here - especially if not common licenses are used - is to 
> figure out if in fact they are compatible - both with each other and 
> witg the Debian Free Software Guidelines.  Try first summarize yourself, 
> then involve this list, and if we feel incapable of judging ourselves 
> then pass it to the debian-legal@ mailinglist.

Thnaks for your advices :-)


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