Hello Markus,
(please keep the team CCed, if it's not a problem for you)

I'd like to upload osmconvert to Debian repositories. I could do it right now,
but wanted to talk with you about some issues I believe noteworthy :)

First, it would be very good if you kept the source in tarballs (something like
"osmconvert-x.y.tar.gz"), so that scripts can see when a new version is

Secondly, the licensing of osmconvert.c is a bit unclear to me. First, you say
"GNU Affero GPL", but then write "see GNU GPL for more details". Which one?
Also, which version? I suppose "3 or any later"? :)

Thirdly, it seems like parts of the code are licensed under GPL-1+ (that means,
"may be relicensed by you alternatively under GPL version 1, 2 or 3."). I'd
suggest you split these to separate files, each with a proper license header.

Last but not least, it would be great if the tarball could use autotools, to
help with possible portability issues (Debian runs on a wide number of

I'd be glad to help, if you need. I can even prepare you a revised 0.2T tarball
(would that be 0.2U?), if you wish (and, version numbers with letters inside
are a bit strange ;))

Thanks for reading this,
Debian OpenStreetMap Team

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