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Hello team,
in reference to #647721, I noticed a big change in size for the josm binary

$ ls -lah josm_0.0.svn4550+dfsg*deb
-rw-r--r-- 1 david david 4,4M nov  5 17:18 josm_0.0.svn4550+dfsg1-1_all.deb
-rw-r--r-- 1 david david  13M nov  5 18:28 josm_0.0.svn4550+dfsg2-1_all.deb

It would be nice if we could split all those languages to a separate josm-l10n
package, with josm Recommending it (I don't dare to say josm-lang-<langcode>,
since they would be something like ~70 packages). This way, people wanting a
working josm (in English), will only have to download 4M of data; anyone who
wants a different language should get the josm-l10n package.

The best thing would be if JOSM supported compiled .mo files, installed
under /usr/share/locale/, so that tools like localepurge(8) work fine (i.e. I
install josm-l10n, but only get languages I'm interested in).


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