Processing commands for

> user 651372
Unknown command or malformed arguments to command.

> usertags 651372 rm
Bug#651372: blocked in unstable
User is
There were no usertags set.
Usertags are now: rm.
> reassign 651372
Bug #651372 [josm] blocked in unstable
Bug reassigned from package 'josm' to ''.
Bug No longer marked as found in versions josm/0.0.svn4487+dfsg2-2.
> retitle 651372 RM: josm-plugins/0.0.svn26626+ds1-2
Bug #651372 [] blocked in unstable
Changed Bug title to 'RM: josm-plugins/0.0.svn26626+ds1-2' from 'blocked in 
> thanks
Stopping processing here.

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