Dear maintainer

you are receiving this mail as a mantainer of one or more packages related
to the `geos' library (i.e. having libgeos-dev as a build-dep). 

With next 3.3.1+ version, I'm going to split appropriately the Geos C and C++ 
interfaces as explained in #643658.

Most programs require tipically linking the official stable C interface,
so libgeos-dev from now on will provide *only* the libgeos_c dev stuff and
headers. You will need to build-dep on the libgeos++-dev package if 
your program *explicitly* use the C++ interface, instead.

That will allow me to avoid calling at every new geos release
a bin-NMU batch run for ALL r-builddeps, because in the 90% of cases
new releases hide in the unstable C++ library all details of 
changes. Your program in most cases simply does 
not use the OO interface, as shown in

For instance, osm2pgsql is expected to FTBS and should be the
only package strictly depending on the C++ interface, ATM.


CCing release team for information about next changes.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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